Transparency, Trust, and Law Enforcement

In this episode, we’ll be taking a deeper look into transparency, trust, and law enforcement, and how technology ties it all together. Tune in as we hear from law enforcement leaders from across the country in this panel discussion hosted by Veritone and Microsoft.

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Legal Revolution

AI and the Legal Revolution

In this episode, we discuss how AI legal software is revolutionizing the legal industry, from e-discovery to contract analytics, all the way up to predicting case outcomes, offering practical applications to common, everyday obstacles. And, as this technology continues to evolve, artificial intelligence shows promise in solving even the most complex legal problems of the future.

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AI Audio

Instantly Make Your Broadcast Audio Searchable and Discoverable

In this episode, we discuss how artificial intelligence simplifies how you transcribe and archive your radio show or podcast audio content, making it keyword searchable within minutes of the broadcast. Listen in as we talk with Jeanette Kadow, Regional Sales Director at Veritone, to discuss how to make your broadcast audio searchable and discoverable instantly.

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Synthetic Voice

How Synthetic Voice Will Impact the Media Business

In this episode, we discuss the synthetic voice, also called voice cloning. We talk with Sean King, Executive Vice President at Veritone One, and we’ll be talking about how synthetic voice will impact the media business. We will cover: what synthetic voice is, its potential applications and audiences and the benefits in media specifically.

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Autonomous Microgrid

The Rise of Autonomous Microgrid Technology

In this episode, we discuss the rise of Autonomous Microgrid Technology and how AI will help utilities optimize energy grids. Microgrids are localized power generation systems in which distributed energy resources and the utility network work in concert to provide reliable electricity to a specific community. We talk with Sean McEvoy, Senior VP of Energy Solutions here at Veritone about Using AI to Improve Energy and Utilities Operations

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