Veritone Illuminate

Accelerate Early Case Assessment and Disclosure Workflows

With Veritone Illuminate built on aiWARE, you can quickly and cost-effectively search, discover, analyze, cull and explore large amounts of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), including audio and video recordings, and text-based documents.

Benefits of Illuminate

Accelerate Your Case Investigations and Clearances with Veritone Illuminate

From emails to text messages to audio and video communications, the quantity and variety of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) used as evidence in criminal investigations and legal proceedings keeps growing. Hidden within this information may be critical insights that could determine the outcome of a case. This is precisely where Veritone helps.

The painstaking manual interrogations of audio and video in legal proceedings often amount to thousands of reviewer billable hours as humans need to review many hours of body-worn camera, car-dash camera, and interview room evidence footage for a criminal investigation. Veritone’s AI-enabled solutions provide law enforcement and legal teams a better alternative to accelerate their case investigations and clearances. Organizations utilizing Veritone Illuminate are able to transform text-based files, audio or video case content and ESI into a format that can be easily discovered, searched, and analyzed for words, phrases, objects, heads, faces, and more.


  • Uncover Early Case Insights

    Accelerate early case assessment efforts by automatically making structured and unstructured data searchable by keyword, faces, objects and more

  • Analyze Media Evidence

    Reveal front-end insights that might not have been uncovered in subsequent search efforts with cutting-edge conceptual and structured text analytics supporting text-based files, audio and video

  • Realize Significant Cost Savings

    Minimize storage costs by culling and analyzing large volumes of evidentiary media at scale. Reduce translation costs by leveraging automated machine-based capabilities supporting 70+ languages and dialects

  • Optimize for eDiscovery Workflows

    Facilitate downstream review via one-click export into your eDiscovery platform of choice, such as Relativity, Nuix/Ringtail, Opentext and iConnect

  • Make Early Case Assessment and eDiscovery Faster

    Automatically make structured and unstructured evidence data searchable by keywords, faces, objects and more. Cull down evidence data to focus your eDiscovery on relevant content only

Webinar Replay: How Automating Early Case Assessment of Audio And Video Saves Legal Teams Time and Money

Join Jackson Lewis National eDiscovery Counsel Ralph Losey, ACEDS Executive Director Mary Mack and Veritone for an engaging webinar covering all things early case assessment. We discuss the growing use of audio and video ESI in eDiscovery, and the ways you can use technology to automate the process.

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What Users Say

In our experience, one of the biggest challenges of eDiscovery is the sheer volume of material that has to be processed. It can be difficult enough to plow through high numbers of emails and documents, but the increased volume of audio and video files being created and stored today has made the challenge all the more difficult. Many organizations find it cumbersome and expensive to move all of the audio and video files, often via a managed service provider, to an eDiscovery platform. Until now there has been little option to do so, but with Veritone’s new Illuminate product users can now pinpoint and interrogate elements and concepts in large amounts of audio, video and text, at scale, much earlier in the process than was previously feasible.
Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Deep Analysis
Veritone Illuminate offers a multi-dimensional approach for searching video by text, faces, objects, and logos. The product allows legal teams to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to systematically turn unstructured data (audio and video files) into structured data to make it easily searchable and more valuable to their cases.
Brett Burney
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