The Veritone Podcast | October 26, 2022 | 8 mins

How Sports Rights Holders Can Generate More Revenue With a New, Intelligent Marketplace

There’s been a big explosion in the production and consumption of short-form sports video content. As a result, federations and buyers have experienced similar challenges when it comes to purchasing and licensing this type of content from each other. In this episode of Adventures in AI, we are joined by Liz Eastham to discuss SPORTX, a new AI-driven digital, short-form video marketplace that enables organizations to sell their content directly to buyers in a single, highly secure, global environment.

As the managing director of SPORT X, Liz sheds light on the involvement of the federations and rights holders in the development of SPORTX, how it works, and some of the big names who are already using it.

To find out more about the uses and benefits of this unique intelligent marketplace, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The need that inspired the development of SPORTX 
  • The names of federations and rights holders that have already adopted this marketplace
  • How SPORTX enables the growth and the scale to support federations in this way
  • The uniqueness of SPORTX and its value for buyers
  • What the intelligent nature of the marketplace means for content providers

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Liz Eastham

Managing Director, SPORTX, Veritone

SPORTX Podcast

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