Custom AI.
Built for you.

Build, implement, and deploy enterprise AI that was developed to fit your organization’s needs. Our team will develop a customized solution to meet your goals, from specially designed workflows to end-user applications.

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AI Services


Readiness & Strategy

Make AI the foundation for your business, automating everyday tasks and enabling rapid, prescriptive decision making.

We help you assess your overall readiness to adopt AI into your business workflows. Veritone’s AI Readiness & Strategy services help customers evaluate their overall readiness to adopt AI: current-state technology, data readiness, and tooling landscape. Our approach ensures that your data is ready for AI investment.


Veritone’s AI Bootcamps and workshops help you uncover your business needs and align your business on one AI strategy.

  • Business strategy review to understand your strategic objectives and business goals
  • Key growth challenges and how technology could provide value
  • Identify best opportunities to drive innovation and growth using technology 

Solution design, development, & deployment

We turn your AI vision into real-world business advantage. Our team will develop a custom solution delivered through a practical approach by understanding your business

We ensure that your technology translates into business advantage, while ensuring that your AI investment is maximized.

Generative AI

Partner with a proven leader in responsible generative AI, and gain the intuitive technologies that help you collaborate, innovate and create the results you need to future-proof your business. 

Data Services


Modernization strategy

Veritone assists clients in seamlessly migrating legacy systems to a cloud-based architecture, unlocking unparalleled agility and scalability. Stay ahead in the digital landscape with a future-proof data ecosystem, tailored to meet the evolving demands of your business and subsequent adoption of AI.

Database migration & optimization

Veritone’s data management offering empowers your organization by revolutionizing your data environment, turning even the most complex, disorganized and fragmented data into a unified, accurate, privacy-compliant and well-governed ecosystem. Simplify the transformative journey of your data, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and gain a powerful source of actionable insights for agile decision-making, while mitigating risks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Database governance

Prevent data breaches and avoid regulatory fines by establishing a framework for managing and protecting data assets—and ensuring their integrity, security and compliance.

Advanced analytics & visualization

Drive fast, accurate, and fact-based decisions from contextual and hyper-personalized data to get real business results. 

Veritone elevates business intelligence beyond KPIs and dashboards to a world of outcome-oriented decisions by connecting data with AI-augmented BI to generate data-driven insights and personalize visualizations for a variety of uses.

See how custom AI solutions can superpower your brand.