The Veritone Podcast | November 23, 2022 | 26 mins

Veritone’s Analyst Update and Tech Demo Day

This episode of Adventures in AI is a little bit different as we hand over to many incredible AI pros to discuss the last quarter in review! Tuning in, you’ll hear about our unique Voice technology and why it stands out from the rest, our partnership with Stats Perform and the highly anticipated AI sports offering we’ve created, our new venture with pandoSELECT, and the tracking solution we launched, Veritone Tracker. You will even get a demonstration of our live AI sports announcement technology and our tracker. To hear all this and more, tune in now.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Veritone’s Voice technology is unique
  • A sneak peek into Veritone’s live sports offering and partnership with Stats Perform
  • PandoLogic’s operational theme this year, their growth, objectives, and new clients
  • PandoLogic’s new venture, pandoSELECT
  • Introducing Veritone’s new people/person of interest tracking solution: Veritone Tracker
  • A demonstration of Veritone Tracker 

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Veritone Leadership

Ryan Steelberg, Sean King, Corey Hill, Terry Baker, Whit Walker, Jon Gacek, Ben Ha


Steve Xeller from Stats Perform; Mitch Thompson from WSI Technologies


Blake Quinlan from Express Employment Professionals


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