Translation & Transcription

Automated translation and transcription that can keep up with a fast-paced environment

With Veritone’s aiWARE-enabled applications, contact centers and legal teams can automate their manual work with the near-real-time transcription and translation of video and audio calls, documents, emails, and any other data sources.


  • Uncover Insights

    Once data is translated and transcribed, it creates the possibility to automatically search through keywords and phrases. This accelerates search, discovery, and early case assessment efforts while culling down materials to only relevant data.

  • Optimize Workflow

    Let aiWARE take care of the heavy lifting. By automating translation and transcription efforts, teams can forego manual efforts, save massive amounts of time, scale down volumes of data, minimize storage costs, and facilitate downstream reviews.

  • Process & Analyze

    With 62+ transcription languages and 115+ translation languages to work with, teams can swiftly translate and transcribe audio recordings, then download and open the processed content with any word processing application, like Microsoft Word. 

  • Faster eDiscovery

    With aiWARE at the foundation, Veritone’s translate and transcribe services can be paired with other AI applications that can benefit enterprise-scale teams across a number of industries, providing these teams with accelerated processing and eDiscovery.

Accelerate Your Translation & Transcription Process

Contact Centers

With the help of automated translation and transcription, call centers can remedy work volume and employee burnout while promoting more upsell opportunities, better customer insight, and greater customer satisfaction.

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Public Safety & Justice Agencies

Automating translation and transcription efforts from audio and video evidence allows case teams to expedite investigations and create searchable data, presenting a faster and more efficient alternative to manual processing.

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eDiscovery Teams

Thanks to aiWARE’s high-level processing capabilities and accuracy within the Relativity interface, eDiscovery teams can streamline productivity by searching for specific key terms and culling down volumes of evidentiary data.

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Veritone’s transcribe and translate services utilize aiWARE, a proven enterprise AI platform, enabling developers to build AI-powered applications that are easy for legal, justice, and contact center teams to implement and use. 

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Thoughts from Industry Leaders: Using Translation and Transcription With Veritone Illuminate

“In our experience, one of the biggest challenges of eDiscovery is the sheer volume of material that has to be processed…With Veritone’s new Illuminate product users can now pinpoint and interrogate elements and concepts in large amounts of audio, video and text, at scale, much earlier in the process than was previously feasible.”

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder, Deep Analysis

“Veritone Illuminate offers a multi-dimensional approach for searching video by text, faces, objects, and logos. The product allows legal teams to leverage artificial intelligence (Al) to systematically turn unstructured data (audio and video files) into structured data to make it easily searchable and more valuable to their cases.”

Brett Burney, Principle, eDiscovery Buyers Guide

Veritone aiWARE Government is FedRAMP authorized