AI for Good

Now more than ever, humans need advanced technologies to help keep up with a dynamic and ever-changing landscape.

From transparency in policing to improving hiring practices and overcoming language barriers, Veritone is dedicated to enhancing human capability by democratizing artificial intelligence. And as a leader in AI technology, Veritone has a responsibility to ensure AI is being used in a way that is clear, compliant, and consenting. 

As AI technology evolves and Veritone grows our applications and capabilities, we are committed to maintaining the discipline required to ensure our AI technology is being used for good. In order to hold ourselves accountable, we have created a set of AI principles which will serve as guardrails as we evolve and expand our AI use cases to address our customers’ needs. These principles will guide our product development, data tools, technology applications, and every decision we make in order to use our AI for Good. 

1. Transparency

All of Veritone’s solutions and services are easily explainable and produce outputs that are intended, reliable, and understandable within the boundaries of what is possible with the technology being used. We commit to disclosing what’s in the black box, relative to our IP, and making our AI accessible to our customers in a way that empowers them to leverage it and benefit from it directly in their own workflows.

2. Trust

Veritone’s technology and the outcomes it drives are designed to uphold fairness and avoid discrimination to those who use, engage, and interact with it while mitigating the improper use of bias in AI models and the results they deliver. We lead from the position of leveraging AI for good: augmenting human ability, not replacing it or seeking to create uncontrolled, artificial experiences. We seek to use AI to deliver authentic experiences that allow our customers to build trust with their audiences.


3. Security & Compliance

Veritone is committed to ongoing data protection. We continuously review and improve our methods to stay ahead of potential security threats, never sharing information with unauthorized parties or executing any project without the strict approval of the client. We design all AI systems in accordance with security best practices and to protect the confidentiality of proprietary data. We are committed to following compliance guidelines and standards for the industries we serve, adhering to current laws and operationalizing policies as we implement new tools to ensure our technology is created ethically.

4. Empowerment

Veritone provides a diverse portfolio of enterprise AI solutions that make the lives and day-to-day work of employees across industries easier and more productive. We believe that AI should be for everyone, democratizing the technology no matter one’s technical capabilities. AI should also be for humans, empowering and augmenting people to make an impact by doing more with less as they maximize their current resources, thereby taking their businesses in new directions previously unrealized.

Our mission is more than technology.

It’s the impact it makes in the world.


As an AWS Partner, Veritone contributes its generative AI expertise and AI for Good principles to the program’s mission

By imbuing responsible AI principles in every facet of its technology, Veritone is helping build trust and accelerating the adoption of AI solutions across industries, including human resources, the public sector, and media & entertainment. Using AI, Veritone is championing a world where humans can level up their capabilities with innovative technology.

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