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Creating Impactful Advertising For Some Of The World’s Most Recognizable Brands

Veritone One is the recognized performance-based advertising agency leveraging Veritone’s AI to scale podcast, radio, and YouTube influencer advertising to achieve maximum return on investment.

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Veritone One is the first and largest AI-powered performance audio and influencer agency. Through Veritone’s Enterprise AI platform, aiWARE™, we process and organize structured and unstructured audio and video data to analyze and optimize ads in near real-time. 

With the ability to recognize and leverage all sources of data, we’re able to provide our advertisers unprecedented access to actionable insights and strategic direction. We’ve proven the power of audio for the pharmaceutical industry, placed the first endorsed podcast ad, and harnessed the power of YouTube’s influencers at scale. 

We leverage our decades of data across thousands of campaigns and millions of ads to pioneer new channels, partner with trusted voices, and place ads where audiences are most engaged. Our expertise in media buying, planning, and creative development, coupled with our Enterprise AI platform, enables us to deliver meaningful results in a way that’s simple, scalable, and trackable.

Services Offered

  • Media Planning

    Your brand is unique, and so are your goals. That’s why there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for your advertising needs. Whether it’s for a specific test buy or a larger cross-media campaign, we establish what success looks like for you, then we extract insights from years of data to create a custom strategy that’s right for your specific brand and goals.

  • Media Buying

    Finding placements that align with your brand, make the most of your budget, and deliver on ROI is a bit of a science. But securing those placements at a competitive rate is more of an art. We leverage our strong network relationships, buying power, and our searchable database of shows that perform to negotiate buys other agencies just can’t win.

  • Creative

    The right message is the result of defined purpose and deliberate craft. That takes writing, rewriting, and clear communication at every step of the way. From conceptualizing “the big idea” for a new approach to putting those little finishing touches on a script, we’ll get your message across in the most effective—and memorable—way possible.


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In this episode, we will be talking with Jeff Maerov, Chief Creative Officer at Veritone One

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