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If you’re a rights holder, Veritone lets you grow your revenue by helping buyers uncover your premium content. Veritone is supported by an experienced research and advisory team that works with creatives to find the right content and assist with any additional rights and clearances.


Bringing award-winning productions to life

Veritone represents iconic and often exclusive archives from major brands and independent suppliers. Buyers rely on Veritone to license content for their productions, which provides rights holders a continuous revenue stream, and buyers a trusted home to license clips, b-roll, press conferences, programs, audio, and other fully cleared content.


For Rights Holders and Buyers

Veritone holds the licensing rights to content from some of the most iconic studios, news agencies, government agencies, independent suppliers, user generated, and sports organizations around the globe. Whether we’re supporting films and documentaries or working with agencies to find the perfect clip for a major advertising campaign, we have the team to find the best content and provide appropriate rights and clearances.*

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For Rights Holders

Because buyers and creatives turn to Veritone to purchase content for their award-winning productions, you continuously gain new revenue streams while preserving your valuable archive.

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    For Buyers

    We are highly specialized in content licensing for films, documentaries, sports, news, and more. We work with you to discover the right content, determine how to clear it, and make important projects a little easier.

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  • For Rights Holders

    • Full Monetization

      We know it’s a cost of doing business to produce content that doesn’t make it to the final cut – but, it doesn’t have to be. Our licensing solution puts your complete production, outtakes, and b-roll to work so you can monetize every frame.

    • Content Discovery

      Veritone can apply cognition to your archive, leveraging artificial intelligence, making your content that much more searchable with comprehensive metadata and the ability to perform multivariate searches (i.e. simultaneously search for a face, object, and logo).

    • Content Claiming

      Claim what’s yours. When content you own that has copyright protection appears in someone else’s YouTube video, we claim it and monetize it on your behalf.

    • Digital Asset Management

      Veritone’s digital asset management solutions provide you with complete control of your content. Whether you need content orchestration or a white-label digital asset management portal, we have solitons for you. Check out Veritone Core or Veritone Digital Media Hub to see what fit is best for you.

    For Buyers

    • Premium Content

      Veritone represents iconic archives from global brands and independent suppliers — content that attracts buyers. Buyers rely on Veritone to acquire the perfect content for their productions.

    • Industry Experts

      We are highly specialized in content licensing for campaigns, films, documentaries, sports, news, and more. We work with you to discover the right content, determine how to clear it, and make important projects a little easier.

    • Rights and Clearances

      Veritone experts can perform a comprehensive rights and clearances service.

    • Try it Before You Buy it

      Download free comps to ensure the
      content is the perfect fit

    * Customers are responsible for determining if additional rights are required for their use.