Veritone Digital Media Hub

Activate your content with AI

Generate more revenue from your content with Veritone Digital Media Hub, an AI-powered asset management and monetization solution. Digital Media Hub helps you easily tag and manage your assets as well as create new revenue streams with robust ecommerce capabilities.

Monetization • Digital Asset management • AI Activation


Create your own content marketplace or offer paid access to event-specific content to generate revenue off your owned media with turn-key ecommerce functionality.

Digital Asset Management

Take advantage of an ecosystem of more than 300 AI engines, offering facial recognition, logo recognition, and more. Accelerate discovery and time to market for all of your assets.

AI Activation

Organize, share, and consolidate your content with AI-driven metadata, rights management controls, and flexible integrations with current systems, ingesting AI into your current solution stack. 

Industry Use Cases

“We could only achieve our goals with the help of artificial intelligence. We were looking for a partner that puts AI in the center, where the basic idea of the company is AI. This made the choice to partner with Veritone an easy one to make.”

-Gunnar Dedio, CEO, PROGRESS

What Users Say

giants logo
We started punching the numbers and estimated that if we hired 15 interns for a full year, we probably could get the metadata we needed to be associated with these clips so that our editors and producers can find what they want. But we obviously took a different path — a much more modern one. Thanks to Veritone, we can explore, we can get creative, we can tell better stories, and we can share every moment.”
Paul Hodges
Vice President of Content and Entertainment
San Francisco Giants
EMPA logo
The key challenge was always, how can we provide the content quickly, comprehensively, and in a way that supports our stakeholders in finding the images they need? Veritone provides a cloud-based service and the AI function which helps the stakeholders and us to find and identify the fitting images for their communication.”
Nikolaus Spaleck
Managing Director
We required a solution that would not only save us time and money in delivering content to our partners, but would increase efficiency by allowing our editors and media team to access materials more quickly. We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with [Veritone] and their professionalism and expertise in the field made them an easy choice for digital asset management…the solution is already paying off.
Jackie Grant
Manager of International Television
Golden Boy
We have built a solid relationship over the years with [Veritone] through the licensing of our content and by providing increased accessibility for our broadcast partners through Digital Media Hub. The [Veritone] team has delivered an integrated solution across digital platforms that has improved our live event content management and offers our external and internal customers access to match play quickly and easily
Patti Fallick
Senior Director, Broadcast Operations
[…] we had to find new ways to access our massive archives, turn thousands of hours of footage into searchable content, and accelerate our delivery workflows. Veritone [aiWARE] provides us with an end-to-end solution that allows us to do exactly that — and without major systems revamp or resource requirements on our end.
Paul Hodges
Vice President
San Francisco Giants Productions


  • Application Deployment & Storage

    Support for various cloud storage locations, including Amazon S3, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Ingest & Content Transformation

    Automate the entire content ingest and transformation process with AI metadata processing and automated proxy file creation to remove manual workflows. 

  • Workflow

    Obtain complete control over your content workflow with content review and approvals, social media publishing, and production workflow extensions. 

  • Access & Permissions

    Maintain complete control over access to your archive with permission settings, role-based reporting, and watermarking. 

  • ECommerce

    Switch on ecommerce capabilities to stand up your own marketplace to license your valuable content. 

  • Content Management

    Easily manage audio, video, images, and documents using your preferred cloud storage in a central location with AI that accelerates media management and discovery.

  • Metadata Management

    Configurable technical and descriptive metadata are stored in a database so you can individually manage or bulk edit assets, control parent-child relationships, and export data.

  • Search / AI Search Capabilities

    Receive real-time indexing with type-ahead, predictive search, configurable search filters, and site-search configurations.

  • White-labeled UI

    A configurable UI ensures the look and and feel of your Digital Media Hub is aligned with your brand guidelines. 

  • 3rd Party Application Integrations

    We support integrations with IBM Aspera on Cloud, Signiant, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, SafeStream, SendGrid, Stripe, Pendo, Adobe Premiere Pro, EditShare, iconik, YouTube, and Getty Images to onboard capabilities based on your business needs. 

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