Veritone Digital Media Hub

AI-based Digital Asset Management

Veritone’s AI-infused digital asset management (DAM) solution allows you to quickly access, search, manage, share, and monetize your valuable content including videos, still images, audio, and other ancillary files. For content owners, creators, and media managers, Veritone helps you incorporate artificial intelligence into your media workflows so you can focus on more strategic or creative activities versus spending time managing your content.

Enterprise AI Digital Asset Management

Search intelligently across all your media assets including broadcast-quality video, still images, audio, and other ancillary files through Veritone’s cloud-native digital asset management solution powered by Enterprise AI. Through real-time indexing, cognitive metadata, and controlled vocabulary, users find the media they need, instantly accelerating content sharing and production workflows. Veritone’s digital asset management solution can be customized as an extension to your existing MAMs or DAMs to further enhance your production workflows.
Sports & Athletic Organizations
The chosen digital asset management solution provider for premier teams, leagues, federations, and other sports organizations around the world, Veritone empowers marketing and digital teams to access, organize, search, and share their content. Selectively provide secure, password-protected access to your broadcast-quality assets to external organizations including the media, sponsors, and advertisers.
TV Networks, Studios & Production
Manage and easily search through AI-enriched content and facilitate sharing and marketing workflows with your centralized digital asset management solution. Hosted securely in the cloud, the portal allows you to collaborate and share assets both internally and externally. Veritone gives rights holders the ability to license content in-house through a simple eCommerce interface.
With digital asset management, keep your corporate resources secure and organized in the cloud. From training videos and documents to logos and photographs, get the most out of your valuable creative assets and never lose an important resource.
Brands & Agencies
Brands, marketing, and advertising agencies use Veritone’s digital asset management solution to manage their content archive, organize their assets, search and discover specific assets quickly and streamline operational efficiencies.


  • Easy Data Ingestion

    Import large amounts of data including master files fast and with ease.

  • Advanced Metadata

    Maintain critical manual tags and augment with AI-enabled metadata with the ability to edit and manage.

  • Comprehensive Transcoding

    Supports various packaging needs across different file types with the ability to customize delivery targets based on specific needs.

  • Search and Discovery

    Real-time indexing, advanced metadata, and controlled vocabulary allow for the immediate discovery of assets.

  • Federated Search

    View, search, and download all of your assets in one place, including those residing in other content portals such as Getty Images. With Digital Media Hub you gain a centralized view of content that resides in multiple locations.

  • Workflow Optimization

    From metadata creation and management, to transcoding, to building desirable renditions, and flexible delivery and packaging, Digital Media Hub enables users to streamline workflows so that they easily manage and share assets.

  • White-label User Interface (UI)

    Customize your Digital Media Hub according to your brand and style.

  • Immediate Access & Delivery

    Access content quickly and use the downloads immediately.

  • Multi-brand

    Option to enable multiple accounts with specified views to match your sub-brand(s) look and feel.

  • eCommerce/In-house Licensing

    Flexibility for rights holders to configure Digital Media Hub for media asset purchases.

  • User Permissions

    Administrators have the ability to manage user access and permissions by type of content, metadata and search filters, and delivery formats,

  • Content Activity Reporting

    Track content activity through downloads, changes to metadata, research, and more.

Customer Spotlight:

We’re proud to be a partner of Veritone. They understand technology, licensing, and where we want to go and how we want to approach the metaverse, and we’re excited to build this wonderful relationship and release our first product alongside them.”

— Zach Bruch, Co-CEO, RECUR


Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.

In this episode, we discuss how AI and a DAM solution can help sports brands preserve, archive and make all of their content usable and shareable.

We talk with two media masters for the San Francisco Giants, Paul Hodges VP of Content Entertainment and Brad Martens Director of Media, Systems and Workflows, about how AI is helping brands preserve, archive and process content, making it available securely and safely stored for use today and for future generations.

What Users Say

We required a solution that would not only save us time and money in delivering content to our partners, but would increase efficiency by allowing our editors and media team to access materials more quickly. We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with [Veritone] and their professionalism and expertise in the field made them an easy choice for digital asset management…the solution is already paying off.
Jackie Grant
Manager of International Television
Golden Boy
We have built a solid relationship over the years with [Veritone] through the licensing of our content and by providing increased accessibility for our broadcast partners through Digital Media Hub. The [Veritone] team has delivered an integrated solution across digital platforms that has improved our live event content management and offers our external and internal customers access to match play quickly and easily
Patti Fallick
Senior Director, Broadcast Operations
[…] we had to find new ways to access our massive archives, turn thousands of hours of footage into searchable content, and accelerate our delivery workflows. Veritone [aiWARE] provides us with an end-to-end solution that allows us to do exactly that — and without major systems revamp or resource requirements on our end.
Paul Hodges
Vice President
San Francisco Giants Productions
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