Veritone Tracker

An AI-Powered Digital Forensics Solution

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Veritone Tracker enables investigators to track individuals across videos, helping teams find persons of interest (POI) across multiple videos without any personally identifiable information (PII).

Why Veritone Tracker?

Accelerate POI Investigations
Across Multiple Video Sources 

Create timelines and comprehensive stories with Tracker around a person or persons of interest faster to understand their activities and associations across separate videos. 

Maintain Privacy Laws
and Ensure PII Protections

Tracker is capable of uniquely identifying persons of interest without using PII, unlike other products that rely on facial recognition. This ensures your team remains in compliance with privacy laws.

Leverage Technology Built
on a Proven Enterprise AI Platform  

Tracker is built on the aiWARE platform, which is used by law enforcement agencies and legal services partners across the country to help streamline investigations and eDiscovery while protecting PII. 

Key Use Cases

Track Persons of Interest

Track a person related to criminal activity without using biometric data in public or private settings, such as public transportation stations, stadiums and arenas, public events, hospitals, and more.

Find Missing Persons

Quickly find a missing person within the first 48 hours to increase chances of success, tracking movements across locations.

Prevent Human Trafficking

Follow human trafficking victims across different public or private settings to rescue them and apprehend the perpetrators.

Key Capabilities


  • Define

    Define a human as an object within a video file to create a profile the AI can use to surface similar-looking individuals across videos.

  • Automate

    Process multiple videos from different sources at scale and surface moments where the person of interest you are seeking might appear. 

  • Track

    Track a person of interest across a collection of videos from different sources, including bodyworn cameras, security footage, social media, and more.

  • Build

    Craft accurate timelines and stories faster regarding a person of interest’s activities and associations.

  • Find

    Leverage the technology to accelerate the apprehension of a suspect or return a missing person or trafficked person to safety.

  • Protect

    Use AI ethically by remaining in compliance with privacy laws and protecting PII throughout the whole process.

Key Features


Identify and define human-like objects within a frame to build the necessary criteria for AI to search against across a collection of video files.


Use AI models that aren’t biometric or facial recognition based to ensure proper oversight and protections when using AI technology in investigations. 


Accelerate the analysis of video collections to extract valuable insights in building a case or when actively searching for suspects or missing persons.


Maintain compliance with privacy laws and ensure that personally identifiable information is protected throughout the entire process.

Veritone Tracker intellectual property listings: US Patent No. 10025854 GB Patent No. 2493580 US Patent No. 10282616 US Patent No. 9245247 GB Patent No. 2506172

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