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MLOps VS. AIOps: Important Differences You Need To Know

Both AI and machine learning are skyrocketing as companies undergo digital transformation. As models and data pipelines become more complex, they become increasingly difficult to manage. Another challenge is that because MLOps and AIOps are relatively new disciplines, people often confuse them. We’re here to solve that problem. What is MLOps and AIOps? In this...

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California Disclosure Law

Police Magazine July Issue Blog

In the July 2021 edition of Police Magazine – Police Law Enforcement Solutions, the publication prominently features several articles on body camera technology, policy, and products.  The articles offer knowledge and great insights from learning how body camera manufacturers have developed a wide variety of innovative hardware and software for capturing video evidence to getting...

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You May Not Be Extracting the Full Value of Your Content

You May Not Be Extracting the Full Value of Your Content—Here’s How You Can

Modernizing your current media management systems and processes unlocks more revenue opportunities   Summary: Despite the COVID-19 lockdowns, content consumption doubled, forcing companies to adapt to capitalize on this opportunity  Many companies are managing their media with inefficient solutions and methods, holding them back from extracting more ROI from their content  There are two categories of...

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AI Transcription Translation

AI Transcription & Translation: The Audio to Text Superpowers of AI Legal Software

From jail house calls to body-camera footage, voicemail to video depositions, modern technologies have introduced a new type of evidence to legal professionals: unstructured data. Specifically, unstructured media data, such as photos, videos, CCTV footage, zoom calls, and more. Unfortunately, as the popularity of these new technologies has grown, so have the problems associated with...

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MLOps Best Practices: 7 Important Rules You Need to Follow

It’s no secret that the idea of implementing MLOps can seem overwhelming. While the goal of machine learning operations is to find faster and more effective ways to productize machine learning, many organizations struggle with it early on. The first step is understanding what MLOps is and how it works, which we’ve covered in an...

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Artificial Intelligence Power Grids

Artificial Intelligence Power Grids and Autonomous Network Management

Welcome to the final installment in our 5-part series on Smart Grid Technology. Each article so far has focused on different components of intelligent grid architecture, including: An overview of what smart grids are, how they work, and why they represent the future of energy delivery. How distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS’s) are used...

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AI Auto-Tagging

AI Auto-Tagging – What You Need To Know

AI auto-tagging is the process in which artificial intelligence is used to tag media files with metadata. This is a modern approach to metadata tagging, which creates a term that describes a keyword or phrase and assigns these metadata tags to a media asset. In digital asset management, which we described in-depth in a previous...

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Unstructured Legal Data

Unstructured Legal Data and the A.I. Lifeboat Solution

The world is drowning in data. Music data. Photo data. Video data. Spreadsheet, flow chart, email, and website data. These days, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s someone nearby creating data—even if it’s just CCTV footage, or the satellites orbiting our planet. (Say hi to Big Brother!) Look at you, dear...

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Why You Need to Integrate Your Content Ecosystem

Why You Need to Integrate Your Content Ecosystem

Upgrading your legacy systems can help you connect your content ecosystem, and accelerate content production and monetization  Summary: Media companies have accelerated their digital transformation efforts as a result of the pandemic, adopting cloud solutions for their content production needs  This has created a serious integration problem between all the different tools used to create...

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Metadata Tagging

Metadata Tagging Best Practices For Digital Asset Management

Metadata tagging is the process of creating a term that describes a keyword or phrase and assigning those tags to a media asset. A media asset, as described in our blog about digital asset management, is any content that comes in one of five forms —audio, images, video, documents, or HTML. These tags don’t appear...

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