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Radio Advertising Effectiveness: Measuring Impact and KPIs

Radio has long been able to reach a broad audience and capture their attention through sound alone, standing out amongst other mediums that carry more distractions. However, with the rise of digital marketing, many advertisers question the effectiveness and impact of radio advertising. That’s why measuring radio effectiveness and impact with modern tools is essential...

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Processing FOIA Requests: How AI Helps LEAs and the Public

Enacted in 1966 and taking effect the following year, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives any person the legal right to obtain access to police reports, federal agency records, and more, with the exception of those that contain protected information. The role that FOIA plays is one of transparency and accountability, and while it’s...

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Racial and Identity Profiling in Law Enforcement Agencies

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that law enforcement agencies build trust and transparency with the communities they serve, and one way certain States are allowing for this is by implementing laws that require officers to record more stop data during traffic stops.  While these laws are intended to identify potential patterns and aid the...

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How Law Enforcement Builds Transparency and Trust With Technology

In the last couple of years, important conversations regarding the topic of policing have risen on a national level. And while ideas from news outlets, op-eds, and social media seem to be front and center, it’s difficult to cut through the noise to discover the public’s true feelings about law enforcement agencies. To learn more...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Using AI in Law Enforcement

Artificial intelligence(AI) isn’t a tool of the future—it’s a present-day need. In a time when technology is getting smarter by the day, it’s imperative that law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have the opportunity to access technology that can help them perform their duties more efficiently and more accurately. When using the proper tools, we see that...

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AI-Powered Redaction

AI-Powered Redaction: Protect Your Docs, and Media, Too

So far, our discussions about the AI legal revolution have revolved around the many ways artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to combat the unstructured data crisis looming over the legal industry. However, one area we’ve yet to address is what to do about all the personally identifying information (PII) that’s often contained within unstructured media...

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AI Transcription Translation

AI Transcription & Translation: The Audio-to-Text Superpowers of AI Legal Software

From prison phone calls and body-camera footage to voicemails and video depositions, modern technologies have introduced a new type of evidence to legal professionals: unstructured data. Specifically, unstructured media data, such as photos, videos, CCTV footage, zoom calls, and more. Unfortunately, as the popularity of these new technologies has grown, so have the problems associated...

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