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HCM Software

The Future of HCM Software with AI

In the past, HR has often been seen as a reactive department—concerned with administrative duties and a lot of checking boxes. Human capital management (HCM), both as a mindset and as a set of practices, encourages a much more proactive approach. One that engages current and prospective employees in ways beyond ensuring payroll. After all,...

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Pandologic AI Services

How Pandologic and Veritone Are Powering the Workforce with AI Services

We’re happy to announce the next step in PandoLogic’s goal of revolutionizing recruiting with artificial intelligence (AI) services: PandoLogic has officially become a part of Veritone, a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology and solutions. Keep reading to learn more about Veritone’s acquisition of PandoLogic and what it means for the future of the workforce...

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AI-Powered Redaction

AI-Powered Redaction: Protect Your Docs, and Media, Too.

So far, our discussions about the AI legal revolution have revolved around the many ways artificial intelligence is helping to combat the unstructured data crisis looming over the legal industry. However, one area we’ve yet to address, is what to do about all the personally identifying information (PII) that’s often contained within unstructured media files....

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MLOps Tools

9 Helpful MLOps Tools You Should Consider Using Right Now

Table of Contents Types of MLOps Tools Categories of MLOps Tools Popular MLOps Tools Leading End-to-End MLOps Platform: Veritone aiWARE Need More Information on MLOps? No matter where you’re at in your MLOps journey, there’s an ML tool that can make it easier, faster, or more accurate. In this, the final blog of our MLOps...

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Making Sense of Other “Documents”: Veritone AI for Video and Images

Making Sense of Other “Documents”: Veritone AI for Video and Images

Originally published in Document Imaging Report The pandemic has placed a spotlight on the need for businesses of all types to pay attention to their unstructured content. As volume continues to skyrocket, companies are going to need to devise ways to understand what’s in all of those documents, videos, images, and phone/video calls, for governance...

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ModelOps: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Implement It

Need to know the difference between ModelOps and MLOps? Find everything you need to know about ModelOps and how to implement it in your organization. Table of contents: What is ModelOps? The ModelOps process Why is ModelOps important? What ModelOps use cases are there? How does aiWARE enable and accelerate ModelOps? Want to learn more...

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MLOps VS. AIOps: Important Differences You Need To Know

Both AI and machine learning are skyrocketing as companies undergo digital transformation. As models and data pipelines become more complex, they become increasingly difficult to manage. Another challenge is that because MLOps and AIOps are relatively new disciplines, people often confuse them. We’re here to solve that problem. What is MLOps and AIOps? In this...

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California Disclosure Law

Police Magazine July Issue Blog

In the July 2021 edition of Police Magazine – Police Law Enforcement Solutions, the publication prominently features several articles on body camera technology, policy, and products.  The articles offer knowledge and great insights from learning how body camera manufacturers have developed a wide variety of innovative hardware and software for capturing video evidence to getting...

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