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How Automated Redaction (AI) Software and Services Work

Welcome back to our series on AI redaction. In our previous chapters, we’ve discussed the unique challenges facing redaction in the digital age, redacting legal documents using artificial intelligence, and the best practices for redaction. In this chapter, we’ll dive into AI-powered redaction and its impact on redaction software.  Summary What is automated redaction (AI)?...

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TV advertising

A Complete Guide to TV Advertising in 2024 and Beyond

The advent of streaming services and other digital channels has spotlighted the TV industry for advertisers. Many wonder what the future holds for the longstanding channel to consumers, looking to market sages to provide some insight. In this four-part series, we intend to provide an overview of the current state of TV advertising. This series...

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Should your organization start an AI task force?

The surge in interest surrounding generative AI has sparked the formation of AI task forces across various sectors. Contrary to fears of AI replacing human labor, McKinsey views generative AI as an empowering tool for the workforce. Their recent forecast suggests that by 2030, generative AI could inject trillions into the global economy by automating...

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Redaction in the digital age: Here’s what you need to know

Welcome to Veritone’s blog series on redaction. This series will dive into what information needs to be redacted, redaction best practices, automated redaction, and redaction for audio and video.  We’ve all seen—or rather, not seen—examples of what redacted information can look like. In the age of physical documents, this could look like stacks of papers...

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A Practitioner’s Guide to Selecting Large Language Models for Your Business Needs

Summary:    We share a guide we’ve developed that provides a roadmap for businesses to effectively leverage Large Language Models (LLMs), emphasizing their potential to revolutionize operations in the AI-driven business landscape. The guide outlines steps to identify suitable use cases for LLM integration, including areas for automation, data availability assessment, scalability considerations, and common...

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Pandologic AI Services

AI for HR: Shaping the Future of Human Resources

The landscape of human resources is rapidly changing with the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. AI-driven solutions transform HR processes, leading to increased efficiency, reduced biases, and better decision-making. This article will explore how AI is revolutionizing HR practices, including: AI-driven Candidate Sourcing in HR AI for Workforce Planning and Management  AI-enabled HR Analytics ...

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Redacting Legal Documents With Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for joining us for the second chapter of our AI Redaction series. In our first introductory chapter, we covered the basics, including what redaction is, what type of data needs to be sanitized or redacted, and the most common type of information that needs to be redacted: personal identifiable information (PII).  In this...

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Transforming the Future of Media with AI

Summary:  The advent of generative AI has forced organizations to rethink how they can use artificial intelligence to create, curate, and manage media.  With this adoption, many ethical considerations need to be kept in mind to use the technology responsibly and effectively . AI provides many new opportunities for the M&E industry to accelerate content...

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Media Asset Revenue Generation with Veritone and Dalet

Summary:  Media monetization strategies can take two forms— indirect or direct revenue streams for content owners. Indirect monetization repurposes existing content, leverages AI for content processing and insights, and optimizes media archives to reduce costs and enhance profitability. Direct monetization involves licensing or selling content directly to consumers or businesses. It is facilitated by AI-powered...

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