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How to Get Powerful Radio Analytics Tools for Free and Boost Revenue

Veritone is now offering our top radio revenue-boosting applications as a zero-cost bundle.    Summary: Radio revenue is down, but it can be recovered by using the right analytical tools. The Radio Revenue Solution gives you free access to Attribute, Discovery and VeriAds. This solution pairs powerful campaign analytics tools with incremental revenue from unsold…

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Veritone Taps the Nation’s Largest Source of Editorial Images from Imagn

The agreement with Imagn, a Gannett company, expands Veritone’s libraries of licensable image and video content. Today we welcome Imagn, the nation’s largest sports image wire service and the exclusive content licensing group for the USA TODAY NETWORK, part of Gannett Co., Inc., to the Veritone Licensing library.  Imagn will expand Veritone’s library of premium…

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Use AI to Boost Contact Center Service Levels with 360 Customer Views

Once upon a time, customer service meant certain things: a familiar face, a friendly greeting and a relationship based on a history of personal interactions. Nowadays, customer service means something very different: a call to a contact center, an anonymous voice on the phone—and a relationship that seems to go back to square one with…

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Veritone Offers Audio Licensing for Podcasters and Other Content Creators

Content from Veritone Licensing’s roster of iconic libraries is now available to those looking to license audio clips to enhance podcasts and other audio projects; licensing and monetization services are also available for podcasters. Veritone Licensing has always strived to be on the forefront of licensing to content creators. As home to the world’s largest…

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5 Unexpected Statistics About Audio in the Time of Coronavirus

Although we’re driving less during the pandemic, audio is still going strong. It’s now been more than seven months since stay-at-home orders began in the U.S. due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like most industries, radio has seen its fair share of ups and downs. However, despite existing challenges within the industry that the pandemic has…

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Can AI-Powered Energy Forecasting & Optimization Software Save America’s Power Grid?

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how the complexities of today’s energy grid are creating unprecedented challenges for transmission systems operators (TSOs), distribution system operators (DSOs), equipment providers, energy aggregators, and the communities they serve. These challenges manifest in different ways, such as price volatility and grid unreliability. But at its core, the…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Maximizing TV Production

AI is helping modernize the industry, but TV organizations could use AI to even further enhance their operations and bottom line. In days prior, metadata in the TV industry came through labels we typed using an electric typewriter and big orange stickers we put on the spine of the videotape cases. These days, creating metadata…

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AI is taking the limelight in media and entertainment

The amount of content we are creating and consuming is astronomical. This content can be snackable, user generated short form to long form movies and documentaries, episodic series and reality shows, sports, news, and talk shows. The task of viewing even a sliver of what is created in a single day now exceeds several human…

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Finding A Treasure

Originally published March 21, 2017 The two follow-up questions I’ve been asked my entire life: “Is that a family name?”, and “Is your dad in the military?” See, my first name sounds somewhat normal but always needs repeating. Multiple times, and usually followed with a “sounds like” clue. The military question comes up after people…

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Veritone Continues to Offer Vital Content from CBS News

A multi-year content licensing agreement brings more award-winning CBS News content to Veritone. Recently, we here at Veritone Licensing announced a multi-year extension of our existing partnership with CBS News.  I had the good fortune of starting with Veritone, formerly Thought Equity Motion, right around the birth of this collaboration 10 years ago. The first…

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