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Metaverse Roadmap—What the Future Holds For Virtual Worlds

So far, we’ve provided an overview of the metaverse in our introductory blog, as well as discussed other aspects of the metaverse including the role of artificial intelligence, crypto, and NFTs. Now, we’ll explore the roadmap for the metaverse, including: Where the metaverse currently stands What the future of metaverse spaces and experiences may be...

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AI and Clean Energy: An Overview of the Current Renewables Landscape

As the global energy sector becomes more complex, utility operators and asset managers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze large data sets and balance energy supply and demand—all with the goal of making electricity delivery greener, cheaper, and more reliable. This post explores some of the key drivers shaping the modern energy...

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Veritone and AINS Accelerate Federal Agency Workflows by Automating Redaction

Summary:  Agencies need a faster way to keep up with the high volume of FOIA requests, overburdening their redaction capabilities  Integrating with Veritone Redact, federal civilian agencies can automate much of the redaction process  AINS and Veritone have partnered to help federal agencies streamline their case processes  Veritone recently announced a new partnership with AINS,...

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User-generated Content

How User-Generated Content Conveys Brand Authenticity

Summary: The pandemic accelerated content consumption trends as consumers consumed more short-form video content on social media  Brands that want to connect with their target audience need to build trust through authenticity, which can be achieved by incorporating user-generated content  User-generated content outperforms most other media formats, but the trickiest part is sourcing the most...

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Metaverse Personas–Get Ready to Meet Your Virtual Self

As we step into the deeper, more immersive environments of the metaverse, brands and individual participants  will be gaining a new perspective when experiencing this new digital world—and what better way to explore this realm than with the virtual versions of ourselves? In this fifth chapter of our metaverse series, we will go over: A...

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radio sales

4 Tips to Improve your Radio Ad Sales

Summary: Radio listening has returned to pre-pandemic levels, and stations need to take advantage of that momentum. Timing your spots correctly and using live reads can help improve ROI on radio advertisements. An attribution solution can give you metrics to show your ads are working and encourage greater spend from advertisers. Last year, as the...

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Automated Redaction

How Does AI Protect Privacy With Redaction Technology?

In an increasingly digital world, protection of privacy is imperative, not only for personal safety, but also for the integrity of investigations and civil and criminal cases. While technology has provided law enforcement, legal and judicial teams, and government agencies with greater accuracy and larger amounts of evidentiary data, this can be a double-edged sword....

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Enterprise AI Blog Series

Enterprise AI Platforms: A Brief Guide

The previous blog defined conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and its common enterprise use cases.  This final chapter of the series will explore the core, foundational technological piece that drives organizational artificial intelligence—the Enterprise AI platform. In this blog, we’ll cover: What is an Enterprise AI platform? How does it work? What can an Enterprise AI...

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Deep Fakes vs. Avatars

Understanding the Difference Between Deepfakes and 3D Human Avatars

Summary: Deepfakes and 3D avatars are different and used for different purposes although they both leverage AI in the creation process Deepfakes, when used ethically, have tangible use cases in entertainment; 3D avatars are being used in entertainment as well including gaming, virtual reality, and more To create immersive digital experiences, content creators and IP...

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Greening Operations with AI

A Smarter Way to Green Your Operations, Cut Costs, and Meet ESG Goals

Summary:  Greening operations has presented new challenges, sometimes leading paradoxically to dirtier and more expensive energy Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables better project planning, helping you identify the most optimal energy configuration Conventional solutions do not have the capability to keep up with the demands of climate change, requiring modern AI solutions to fill the gap...

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