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The Power of Radio Analytics: Metrics, Tools & Tips

Radio advertising has been an effective way for brands to reach audiences for decades. But measuring radio advertising performance with data has always been a challenge.  Luckily, technology has been developed that provides a way for radio operators and salespeople to show their advertisers that advertising on their stations works. With these tools, stations can...

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Radio vs. Digital Advertising: Why Radio Stays Relevant

As social media and streaming platforms continue to gain in popularity, advertising budgets continue to turn toward digital media. As such, brands often overlook radio advertising. But radio advertising still maintains massive audience reach, engaging populations in ways digital advertising cannot. In this blog, we’ll explore these two channels and demystify why radio should still...

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Accelerate Audio Redaction With Artificial Intelligence

Hello and thank you for joining us for the final chapter of our AI Redaction series. So far, we’ve explored AI-Powered video redaction, how automated redaction software and services work, the best practices for redaction, redacting documents with AI, and the basics of redaction. For our sixth and final chapter, we take a look at...

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Accelerate Video Redaction With Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for joining us again for the fifth chapter of our AI Redaction series. Now that we’ve covered the basics of redaction, redacting documents with AI, the best practices for redaction and how to implement them, and how automated redaction software and services work, we turn our attention to the ins and outs of...

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ChatGPT—The Future of Recruitment Chatbots?

By now, you’ve likely heard about ChatGPT, “a chatbot technology developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to generate human-like conversation” (this description was written by Davinci, a GPT3 AI model from OpenAI). The release of ChatGPT took social media by storm, and for good reason—people were amazed by its ability to provide seemingly...

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How Automated Redaction (AI) Software and Services Work

Hello and welcome back to our series on AI redaction. In our previous chapters, we’ve discussed the unique challenges facing redaction in the digital age, redacting legal documents using artificial intelligence, and the best practices for redaction. In this chapter, we’ll dive into AI-powered redaction and its impact on redaction software.  Summary What is automated...

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Redact Blog Series Chapter 3

Redaction Best Practices and How to Implement Them

Hello and welcome to the third chapter of our AI Redaction series, which will cover redaction best practices for legal professionals. Chapter 2: Redacting Legal Documents With Artificial Intelligence was all about the types of information that are typically redacted from legal data (such as personally identifiable information, or PII) and the challenges that legal...

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Seven Things About Licensing Every Content Buyer Should Know

Obtaining licensing rights can be an involved process, especially when buying rights-managed content, so we asked one of our licensing experts, Jay Bailey, to share some wisdom. Jay has been our vice president of TV and film licensing for nearly a decade, so he knows a thing or two about this topic. Here's what he had to say.

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Remote Content Collaboration: Best Practices for Adaptation

Learn how to efficiently produce content remotely in a post-pandemic world Summary: Skyrocketing content consumption during the pandemic forced media companies to adapt by producing new content remotely Coming out of the pandemic, remote work is here to stay, making it all the more imperative to have the infrastructure in place for remote content collaboration...

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Fan Engagement

Introducing Veritone Sport: Increasing Fan Engagement with AI

Summary:  Sports fans consume content in different ways and on many platforms, making it difficult for brands to reach them.  Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can accelerate workflows, streamline content management, and create new ways to engage with fans.  Veritone Sport has a collection of offerings that help sports brands engage with fans in wholly new...

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