aiWARE Engines

With Veritone’s aiWARE operating system for AI, leverage tools to develop AI-enabled apps and automated workflows. aiWARE has over 300 AI engines in six cognitive categories, including text, speech, vision, speech, data, biometrics, and audio.

Use one or combine multiple to architect a custom solution for virtually any use case.


Audio Engines

Detect, identify, and classify meaningful patterns or audio signatures in sound.

  • Recognize specific audio segments such as advertisements within longer audio files.

Biometrics Engines

Detect and analyze unique, physical identifiers to identify the people they belong to.

  • Detect the presence of one or more faces in an image or video.

  • Identify a person in images or video from a library of previously identified individuals

Data Engines

Associate common data sets and extract metadata at scale to extract time-saving insights from large unstructured and structured data volumes.

  • Associate two data sets based on a commonality such as time or date.

  • Identify the real-world geographic location of a media file’s origin.

Speech Engines

Capture, identify, and categorize spoken words quickly, extracting insights automatically from unstructured audio and video files.

  • Partition audio files into segments to separate the words spoken by each speaker when.

  • Identify speakers in audio based on recordings of their voice.

  • Convert speech in audio or video files in 70 different languages into text transcripts.

Text Engines

Analyze and transform text to extract insights automatically and at scale with Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Vision Engines

Identify and extract details from pictures and videos with computer vision.

  • Convert alphanumeric characters appearing in license plates recognized in images or video to text.

  • Recognize logos and branding elements in images or video.

  • Detect one or multiple objects or concepts, such as colors, in an image or video.

  • Convert alphanumeric characters appearing in documents, images or video into text strings.

Experience the power of hundreds of AI engines across 20+ cognitive categories.