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Intelligence To Analyze, Manage and Monetize Your Assets

Our applications and services help the world’s leading media companies, studios, networks and sports organizations unlock hidden revenue streams trapped in their content as well as gain operational efficiencies in their daily operations.

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Rethink How You Analyze, Manage, and Distribute Content

In an evolving media and entertainment landscape, organizations like yours are challenged to grow audiences, demonstrate ad campaign efficacy, meet compliance requirements, increase revenue, and get the highest return from your managed media assets.  

Join other leading media companies that use Veritone’s AI-powered applications to enhance discoverability, monetize media, and monitor advertising and engagement. Veritone services also include content licensing and live event services, all augmented by AI. To learn more, download our aiWARE Index and Metadata Enrichment Solution Brief.


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Media and Entertainment Use Cases

Discover the many ways rights holders and content creators such as NCAA®, Carson Entertainment Group, USA Swimming, and the World Surf League take control of their digital assets and generate greater revenue streams. Customers like you rely on the power of AI to make workflows more efficient, make ad campaigns more effective, index live and archived media content, and monetize their valuable assets.

Advertising or Product Placement Tracking

Provide ad performance efficacy or product placement verification for your customers through intelligent reporting, which identifies logos, objects, faces, mentions and more in your broadcasts in near-real time.

To learn more about intelligent advertising, download our aiWARE Intelligent Advertising Verification Solution Brief


Enrich Archived Content for Search and Discovery

Like other media companies, you probably store volumes of media files with little to no metadata. As a result, it could take hours, days or even weeks to find what you need. aiWARE’s cognitive engines help you locate logos, objects, faces and mentions quickly and easily.


Data, Analytics, and Attribution Powered by aiWARE

aiWARE works seamlessly with Nielsen and other third-party audience-measurement data providers, so you can put analytics leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to work. Enhance your data and analytics reports even further with our Veritone Attribute application — which helps advertisers further quantify ROI and campaign efficacy.


Brand-Tracking, Valuation and Competitive Intelligence

aiWARE helps you identify intelligence (such as logo tracking, chatter, and sentiment) about your company or competition in near-real time. This insight enables you to react faster to events that could affect your brand leadership position.


Talent Development and Program Assessment

Improving the quality of your shows requires giving constructive feedback to your talent. Easily uncover those teachable moments with a simple search for the talent (face), logo or mention in question, quickly arming your program’s producer with the perfect training assets.


Content Extension

Content production is expensive. Repurposing content helps leverage those costs, but finding the perfect moment can be tricky. Unlock hidden value from these assets by quickly and easily searching for key items in your footage, such as faces, objects, logos, speech and more.


Digital Asset Management

Enrich your video, audio, and still images with cognitive metadata, enabling your team to easily discover valuable assets in a timely manner. Create workflows that let you reuse content in innumerable ways and glean intelligence from your content — with complete control from ingestion through monetization.


Centralized Global Access

In an intuitive, branded SaaS portal, you can elegantly store and display key assets — such as video, images, poster art and more — and make them available to a global audience for download or purchase.


Content Licensing

As a rights holder, you can expand your revenue streams from your content by supplying creatives such as documentarians, producers, and directors with iconic and historic moments they simply can’t buy from a generic stock footage site.


Live Event Services

With support from our Live Event Services team, you can easily share assets from your live event through a cloud-based, intelligent asset management portal. As soon as your clips are ingested and tagged, you can permission your most valuable highlights, moments, scenics, interviews and promotional content from the event and make them immediately accessible to a global audience.


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