Veritone Sport

Artificial Intelligence for the Sports Industry

Veritone offers a portfolio of solutions and services specifically geared toward organizations in the sports industry. We maximize your team’s capabilities, enabling them to create, manage, monetize, and innovate with content at a greater scale than what was humanly possible. 

With an AI-powered central repository automating many content management processes combined with our content licensing expertise, Veritone enables teams, leagues, federations, and sports broadcasters to yield more revenue from their valuable media archives while redirecting their people from the mundane to focus on the extraordinary.

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Why Veritone Sport?

Increase Revenue

Uncover additional revenue sources by scaling your licensing capabilities, using more short-form content, and exploiting the full potential of your archive. 

Grow Fanbase

Expand your fanbase in new territories, tap into new demographics, and engage your current fans across multiple channels with your content. 

Modernize Production

AI and Machine Learning have become critical to solving new and multiple methods of video capture, requiring upgraded workflows and centralization of assets to enable quick access by internal and external stakeholders. 

Explore Veritone’s AI-powered solutions and services for your industry