Veritone Applications

AI-Powered Applications for Your Specific Need

Veritone unlocks the power of artificial intelligence to tackle industry-specific challenges. Gain access to turnkey applications powered by best-of-breed AI technology.

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Intelligent Applications Empowering You to Solve Complex Challenges

Veritone takes care of the details by bringing together infrastructure software, an ever-growing ecosystem of industry-leading AI engines and applications built for your use case – providing the tools that empower you to tackle complex challenges faster and scale with your organization into the future.

Veritone Attribute

Intelligent, Real-Time Media Attribution for Radio Broadcasters

With Veritone Attribute, you can analyze and enhance the effectiveness of broadcast advertising to drive customer investment. As a radio broadcaster, you can offer advertisers near-real-time ad performance analytics on their native and prerecorded campaigns.


Veritone Commerce

Commerce and Content Licensing For Rights Holders and Creatives

If you’re a rights holder, Commerce lets you grow your revenue by helping buyers uncover relevant content they can use to make award-winning projects. Commerce is supported by an experienced research and advisory team that works with creatives to find the right content and then provides appropriate rights and clearances.


Veritone Core

Complete Digital Asset Management and Monetization

Veritone Core is a cloud-native digital asset management (DAM) system used to manage, share, and monetize content. Capable of ingesting large amounts of assets across a broad range of audio, video, and still image formats, Core leverages the power of aiWARE to automatically enrich the metadata of every asset it ingests.


Veritone Digital Media Hub

Your Own Branded Dam

Digital Media Hub is an intuitive web portal through which you can offer secure, cloud-native global access to your content to key stakeholders, including news media and corporate partners. And the best part? You can customize the look and feel of your portal to properly represent your brand.


Veritone Essentials

Veritone Essentials is your fast and easy route to harnessing AI to analyze your data. Ingest, index, search, and organize your audio, video, and images to transform and extend the value of your media.


Veritone IDentify

Intelligent, Rapid Suspect Identification

Veritone IDentify allows law enforcement agencies to let you harness the power of your booking databases to identify suspects faster.


Veritone Redact

Intelligent Video Evidence Redaction

Save time and increase productivity by using artificial intelligence to automate the redaction of faces and sensitive information within video and image-based evidence.


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