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Intelligent Audio & Video Evidence Redaction Software

Save time and increase productivity by using artificial intelligence to automate the redaction of heads and sensitive information within audio, video and image-based evidence.

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Automated Audio and Video Evidence Redaction

The high cost of redacting sensitive information from evidence is taking its toll on public safety and judicial agencies. Yet doing so is required to keep witnesses safe and comply with freedom of information laws and consent decrees.

Veritone Redact systematically detects human heads and allows you to define other sensitive imagery within a scene, then automatically redacts this information from your audio or video evidence. From there, you can quickly download the redacted evidence with logs to support chain of custody requirements and share it with colleagues.

To learn more, download our Digital Evidence Redaction Solution Brief.



Learn how Law Enforcement uses AI and the Azure Cloud to Revolutionize the Release of Public Records

Join Veritone, Microsoft, and Pemberton Township Police Department’s Chief David Jantas to learn how Law Enforcement is adopting AI-powered technologies to rapidly redact Audio & Video evidence prior to records release.


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Accelerate Evidence Redaction Workflows with AI

Developed for law enforcement and judicial agencies, cloud-based Veritone Redact lets you automate the process of obscuring of sensitive imagery or audio in media evidence, significantly improving existing time-intensive, frame-by-frame evidence redaction workflows.

With automated head detection and automatic tracking of manually selected sensitive imagery, you can use Veritone Redact to quickly tackle massive volumes of audio and video content at incredible speed and efficiency.

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For Court Cases

Staying in compliance with court procedures can be demanding, preserve the integrity of your cases by swiftly redacting personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals in audio and video evidence to meet timely court filing deadlines.

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    For Public Information Requests

    Whether a public information request or police consent decree, agencies are required to distribute evidence outside the investigative team, but before that can happen, sensitive information must be redacted to protect individuals and preserve your investigations. Quickly redact sensitive items within audio and video evidence prior to public or inter-agency release, improving the speed and efficiency of which your agency can respond.

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  • Video Evidence Redaction Toolkit

    • Detect

      Automatically detect heads within your video evidence, with results displayed in previewable groups by likely individual for quick and easy review.

    • Define

      Select sensitive imagery within your video or audio evidence, then optionally track the defined images forward in the video, expediting a once-manual process.

    • Redact

      Redact detected faces, selected images and audio in your video and audio evidence automatically with one-click, then modify a previously redacted file if any personally identifiable information (PII) was missed.

    • Track

      Capture comprehensive reporting of all actions taken against redacted video or audio evidence to support your compliance with chain of custody requirements.

    • Download

      Download your redacted video or audio files and all actions taken as audit logs with a click of a button to your local computer.

    • Collaborate

      Manage your digital evidence redaction workloads by tagging audio or video evidence with its status in the approval workflow for easy project tracking among your team.