Veritone Intelligent Digital Evidence Management

AI that Helps Your People Solve Investigations Faster With A Central Evidence Hub

Veritone iDEMS is a suite of AI-powered applications, forming an AI-powered intelligent digital evidence management system that helps you quickly access, search, manage, organize, and share digital evidence —all of which can help accelerate investigations and improve legal processes.

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With an ever-growing volume of digital data in modern investigations, law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and other teams that handle digital evidence face workflow inefficiencies, backlogs, burnout, and budget constraints.

To help people buried with digital evidence, Veritone has built iDEMS upon our award-winning aiWARE platform, offering a suite comprised of Veritone’s market-leading public sector solutions, including Veritone Investigate, Redact, Illuminate, Tracker, and IDentify. The integration of these tools in a single system allows you to expand what is humanly possible by automating workflows from different data silos in a secure, centralized evidence system. 

Centralized Digital Evidence Management 

iDEMS Workflow

Veritone Investigate is at the heart of the iDEMS suite, providing a customizable user interface and serving as the central evidence hub to store, manage, analyze, and share all digital evidence files. You can connect it to your cloud-based or on-premise data sources (such as 911 and video management systems). Then, you can ingest any type of media file (such as body-worn camera footage, surveillance footage, jailhouse call, etc.) to leverage primary and advanced AI models to catalog and tag unstructured data within audio, video, and PDF evidence files, leading to actionable insights.

Investigate automatically runs and processes primary AI models such as transcription, object detection, facial detection, and scene detection to help agencies search, discover, and catalog the fundamental information needed to accelerate investigations. 

iDEMS also has seamless downstream workflows to help agencies streamline redaction (via Veritone Redact), improve analysis and evidence discovery (with Veritone Illuminate), track persons of interest across files (using Veritone Tracker) and identify persons of interest from an existing records database (leveraging Veritone IDentify).

A Centralized CJIS-Compliant Cloud Environment for More Streamlined Investigations

Under one secured CJIS-Compliant cloud environment, Veritone iDEMS harnesses digital evidence to streamline evidence handling and extract maximum value from it. Unlike conventional systems, Veritone iDEMS is infused with potent AI capabilities, allowing teams the ability to prepare, analyze, and share digital evidence in one place.

iDEMS screenshot


  • Manage Digital Evidence

    Manage, organize, share, and distribute audio, video, images, and PDFs on a secure, CJIS-compliant AWS Cloud.

  • Upload any Type of File

    Ingest any type of media file (such as body-worn camera footage, car-dash footage, surveillance footage, jailhouse call, etc.) or PDF file

  • Leverage AI

    Access hundreds of AI engines within Veritone Investigate, such as Transcription, Translation, Facial Recognition, Object Detection, Text Recognition, and more.

  • Connect to Any Data Source

    Connect to any cloud-based or on-premise disparate data source (such as 911 systems, video management systems, etc.)

  • Customized User Interface

    Customize the Veritone Investigate user interface with the agency’s logos, typography, and preferred color schemes for seamless integration.

  • Control Workflows

    Harness evidence workflow to automate ingestion and tagging and use permission settings to improve evidence oversight and security.

  • Seamless Connectivity

    Easily connect to downstream workflows using Veritone applications such as Redact, Illuminate, Tracker, and IDentify.

  • Enrich Files with Metadata

    Instantaneously tag unstructured evidence with metadata for faster, more accurate evidence discovery.

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