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An Intelligent Digital Evidence Hub

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With an ever-growing volume of digital data in modern investigations, law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and other entities that handle digital evidence are experiencing increased workflow inefficiencies, backlogs, burnout, and budget constraints.

Veritone Investigate is an AI-powered evidence hub that helps public safety agencies and organizations quickly access, search, manage, organize, and share digital evidence—all of which can help accelerate investigations and improve legal processes.

A Centralized CJIS-Compliant Cloud Environment for More Streamlined Investigations

Under one secured CJIS-Compliant cloud environment, Veritone Investigate harnesses digital evidence to streamline evidence handling and extract maximum value from it. Unlike conventional systems, Veritone Investigate is infused with potent AI capabilities, allowing teams the ability to prepare, analyze, and share digital evidence in one place.

Veritone Evidence


  • Manage Digital Evidence

    Manage, organize, share, and distribute audio, video, images, and PDFs on a secure, CJIS-compliant AWS Cloud.

  • Leverage AI

    Access hundreds of AI engines within Veritone Investigate, such as Transcription, Translation, Facial Recognition, Object Detection, Text Recognition, and more.

  • Control Workflows

    Harness evidence workflow to automate ingestion and tagging, and use permission settings to improve evidence oversight and security.

  • Customized User Interface

    Customize the Veritone Investigate user interface with the agency’s logos, typography, and preferred color schemes for a seamless integration.

  • Enrich Files with Metadata

    Instantaneously tag unstructured evidence with metadata for faster, more accurate evidence discovery.

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AI-powered assist for:

Law Enforcement

Streamline investigations by storing digital evidence in one central hub for faster access, search, management, and sharing capabilities.


Gain better insights into file contents by seamlessly switching to other Veritone applications like Redact, Tracker, Illuminate, and more.

Judicial Agencies

Automate and accelerate the evidence management and review process within an AWS CJIS-compliant cloud environment.

Legal Professionals

Close cases faster with AI-powered metadata enrichment for quick search and discovery while maintaining case integrity and confidentiality.