Near Real-Time Advertising Attribution

Veritone Attribute

A turnkey attribution solution that correlates broadcast ad placements of all formats, including pre-produced spots, organic mentions, and live reads, with website interaction data in near real-time. Gain instant access to data-driven insights to inform ad optimization strategies, increase customer ROI, and strengthen buy-side relationships with custom reporting and visualization tools.

Attribute Benefits:

Demonstrate Campaign Efficacy To Drive Advertising Investments

Powered by aiWARE, Veritone Attribute offers you and your advertisers tools to make connections between broadcast placements and the resulting actions the target audience takes online. Interactive dashboards and reports provide you with detailed ad performance data your customers will love. Armed with actionable insights, you can advise your customers throughout the campaign and help optimize their campaign performance and budget allocation while strengthening the customer relationship and growing your station’s revenue.


  • Robust Analytics

    Measure, visualize and report on ad performance, including pre-recorded spots, sponsored brand integrations, live reads, and organic mentions. Easily perform analysis with metrics on day of the week, frequency, time of day, location, length, creative and more.

  • Access Control

    Customize user access by campaign, customer account or team to safeguard your and your customers’ data.

  • Campaign Management

    Fully measure and manage advertising campaigns in an easy-to-use, turnkey application that aggregates and correlates performance data and turns it into visual and actionable insights.

  • Custom Attribution Timespan

    Custom Attribution Timespan
    Description: Authorized users are enabled to customize the default attribution period as well as set daypart overrides.

  • Period-Over-Period Comparison

    Leverage historical web data to establish a baseline to compare the pre-campaign activity to intra-campaign and post-campaign results.

  • Location Filters

    Exclude unwanted attributable visits and users by location and measure performance by Metro, DMA or other geographic boundaries. Geofencing provides users with the ability to analyze and optimize impact by location.

  • Shareable Reports

    Harness analytical insights for campaign evaluation and optimization packaged in customer white-labeled and advertiser co-branded reports.

  • Interactive Dashboards

    Benefit from powerful and intuitive charts that visually surface pertinent insights using various dimensions such as time of day, daypart, and day of week. Data tables accompany the charts to reveal the underlying data.

  • Lift Analysis

    Showcase the effectiveness of on-air advertising and the corresponding online consumer response with an intuitive graph that compares on-air to off-air activity to illustrate potential lift.

Customer Spotlight:


Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.

In this episode, we discuss why having AI is important for effective and accurate marketing attribution, especially for channels that have historically been difficult to track.

What Users Say

How do I know if this is working? How can I attribute this to you and your television station?” Being able to show success metrics and measure a linear broadcast schedule by means of digital reporting – really gave us a powerful tool to say ‘hey, this is your compass. This proves attribution.
Nick Felton
Digital Sales Manager
Gray TV Sarasota
audacy logo
Audacy programming is being ingested and recorded in real-time by Veritone and is indexed, organized, and analysed to satisfy the rapidly multiplying demands for actionable media intelligence from brands, businesses and advertisers. What changed is the ability for Audacy to rapidly visualize and correlate advertising efficacy in ways previously unavailable.
Veritone’s industry-leading AI platform will help CMG offer better, more effective marketing solutions to our customers by providing data and insight that has previously not existed in the broadcast space.
Tim Clarke
Vice President of Audience & Content
CMG Radio