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Veritone Attribute is a turnkey broadcast attribution solution that enables you to optimize your linear TV and radio campaigns by correlating an ad with web lift in near-real-time. With Attribute, you can track and visualize campaign data, tying it to the response advertisers receive through increased web traffic and unique website visitors.

Close More Deals, Save Time, & Retain Advertising Clients

Veritone Attribute is for broadcasters who need a way to track the performance of ads to retain and win more business with tangible ROI data. You can correlate ads with web lift and show that relationship with visualized, easily shareable reports. Through the power of data, radio and TV can compete more effectively with digital media channels to earn a larger slice of advertisers’ marketing budgets. 


  • Correlate Data

    Leverage near real-time performance data to correlate web traffic to broadcast campaigns. 

  • Illustrate Ad Efficacy

    Track campaign performance and make changes on the fly with metrics such as day, daypart, creative, and more.

  • Prove Ad Runs

    Get credit for in-content mentions and pre-recorded ads to keep dollars flowing.

  • Build Reports

    Retain clients and win new business with easily understandable reporting and metrics.

  • Increase Client Engagement

    Regularly send branded performance reports to advertisers.

  • Customizable Dashboards

    Create your own unique reporting dashboard and adjust attribution time spans as needed.

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