The Veritone Podcast | March 8, 2023 | 22 mins

Breaking Barriers: Exploring Voice and Accessibility in the Digital World

Although it has been possible to use technology to recreate someone's voice for several decades now, machine learning and other advances are enabling us to create those AI voices (or synthetic voices) in less time, for less money, and with less data to help people with a range of different needs.

Joining us today to discuss this is Dr. Rupal Patel, VP of Voice and Accessibility at Veritone. She is also a professor at Northeastern University in the area of Speech Science Audiology and Information Science and she has given two TED Talks on the subject of voice. Tuning in, you’ll hear what voice and accessibility is, how the technology behind it works to create synthetic voices, and the types of people who benefit from this technology. You’ll learn more about why having a customized voice is significantly better than a generic voice and different applications of this technology.

To find out more about the development of AI voice, how it is impacting people’s lives, and how Dr. Patel foresees it continuing to evolve, tune in today!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • What voice and accessibility is, how it works to create synthetic voices, and who benefits from this technology
  • Why having a customized voice instead of a generic voice is so much better for the person who uses it
  • How this technology will evolve in the future
  • Success stories of how AI voice has helped people
  • How to donate your voice for those in need

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Rupal Patel

VP, Voice and Accessibility, Veritone


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