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Veritone Interaction Analytics Opens up New Vistas of Contact Center Customer Insight

In today’s world with remote customer demand at an all-time high, today’s contact centers struggle with agent overload and burnout, skyrocketing cost and resolution time per case, slow responsiveness to customer needs, and missed upsell opportunities.

AI-based assistants are needed to ingest and analyze customer communications,  and generate useful information about customer interactions, driving higher agent productivity and greater customer satisfaction. These AI assistants can produce valuable insights based on customer communications from any channel and any format—including voice calls, free text in social posts, emails, texts, chats, and webforms, or images and videos.

Veritone Interaction Analytics does just this, enabling Contact Center and Customer Service Managers to:

  • Identify a customer caller by voice to speed call times, lower cost per call and boost customer satisfaction

  • Understand customer sentiment and prevent churn while leveraging advocates – without having to complete a survey

  • Understand agent sentiment, rewarding consistent positive communications and training underperformers

  • Identify most frequent or most time-consuming product/service help requests, train agents, and correlate with renewal rates/revenue of those customers

Let’s review how AI can improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction no matter what the interaction channel:

  • By Phone — Contact centers can ingest vast quantities of unstructured voice data from recorded phone calls. This information can be gathered into a central repository where it then is available for processing by best-of-breed AI models. With this data in hand, contact centers can employ AI models that can identify callers based on their voice and utilize sentiment analysis engines that can help determine caller mood. Using these techniques, contact centers can accelerate call times, reduce the cost per call and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Via Social Media — Contact centers can search and aggregate data on customer activity on social media channels. This data then can be mined for insights using a wide array of different types of AI analysis. For example, text transcription and image recognition engines can monitor social media and video platforms to detect mentions of brand names or customer experiences. With this technique, contact centers can gain unprecedented insights into how their brand is viewed by customers.
  • By Email or Text — Contact centers can monitor and ingest information gathered from massive numbers of emails and text messages. By applying AI analysis to the ingested data—such as text recognition—contact centers can gain access to an untapped source of rich data regarding customer perception of the brand and the experience interacting with the contact center.
  • Via Live Chat — Contact centers can ingest data gathered from live chat lines to help generate invaluable insights. For example, the solution can employ engines that can search chat text for certain keywords that then can trigger routing of calls to managers for troubleshooting—or identify potential cross-selling opportunities.
  • On Webforms — Contact centers can ingest data gathered with webforms. Using this information, contact centers can run AI algorithms that detect patterns of keywords to determine trends in customer attitudes and needs.
  • From Audio and Video Feeds — Contact centers are now using new forms of customer interaction, including live audio and video. Contact centers can gather information derived from video feeds. Once ingested, this information can be processed by an array of AI engines, including transcription, speaker identification, and sentiment analysis, providing new levels of customer insight.

With Veritone Interaction Analytics, contact centers and other business operations have the capability to ingest, analyze and visualize vast quantities of unstructured data gathered from an unprecedented variety of sources—including email, text messages, streaming audio and video, and social media. Leveraging these insights, businesses can gain a much more complete picture of customer perceptions, enabling new levels of service and support.

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