Interaction Analytics for Customer Insight

Unlock valuable insights into customer interactions for greater customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs, stronger compliance, and more business agility.

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Use Cases

With Veritone Interaction Analytics, expand customer insight across the enterprise.

  • Contact Centers and Customer Service
    • Identify a customer caller by voice to speed call times, lower cost per call and boost customer satisfaction
    • Understand customer sentiment and prevent churn while leveraging advocates – without having to complete a survey
    • Understand agent sentiment, rewarding consistent positive communications and training underperformers
    • Identify most frequent or most time-consuming product/service help requests, train agents, and correlate with renewal rates/revenue of those customers
  • Marketing and Sales
    • Aggregate your or a competitor’s name/logo mentions across multiple social media platforms, and the frequency and sentiment of those mentions
    • Track when and where target topics, names or faces are mentioned/shown for more effective account-based marketing and selling
    • Automatically qualify sales calls based on the sentiment scores of customer responses to qualifying questions
    • Report on sales calls for mention of certain key words and phrases required to ensure successful outcomes
  • Digital Experience Management
    • Understand preferred customer engagement channels by mentioned product/services
    • Identify which customer touchpoints have the most positive and negative sentiment, and modify as needed
    • Address time gaps in the customer onboarding process by measuring sentiment across each step
    • Flag high dollar amount digital customer inquiries and escalate for priority handling; correlate with sentiment scores to show effectiveness
  • Product Management
    • Transcribe customer call reports and extract common feature requests across them, by product
    • Measure social media or email sentiment for a new product or service beta or launch
    • Canvass YouTube videos and comments for product/service name mentions to inform future business direction
    • Monitor competitor activity by tracking mentions on websites and social media
  • Compliance
    • Dissect agent-customer calls and written communications for prohibited language and PII in banking, finance, healthcare and other regulated industries
    • Screen calls and emails for profanity and other objectionable words and phrases
    • Spot red flag keywords that could indicate fraud or other criminal activity, for example during an insurance claim first notice of loss (FNOL) call
    • Ensure all legal contracts contain necessary sections and headings, and key names, locations, dates and amounts are present


Over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and growing 30-60% per year according to Gartner. For enterprises, this means lost opportunity and value from volumes of data that cannot be quickly and easily mined for insight – whether voice calls, free text in social posts, emails, texts, chats, and webforms, or images and videos. Organizations need the ability to blend and analyze unstructured data side-by-side with their structured data sources, for a complete picture of their business.

Introducing Veritone Interaction Analytics

Veritone Interaction Analytics uses speech, text and vision AI models to analyze customer communications from any channel and produce insightful data about customer interactions, leading to greater customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs, stronger compliance, and more business agility.

Veritone’s AI ingests text, transcribes voice calls, and reviews video and images, and applies aiWARE-based models that analyze and extract value from that content, for communication to key stakeholders across the enterprise.

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  • Phone calls
  • Social streams
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Chats and Bots
  • Webform
  • Structured data
  • Cloud or on-prem data sources
  • Speech, text, and vision AI engines
  • Transcribe calls, identify speakers and time stamp every word
  • Derive customer intent, emotion, topics of interest
  • Locate time-stamped faces, objects and text in customer-attached video and images
  • Aggregate and correlate this data to identify trends, measure quality, detect anomalies
  • Visualize the data with reports, alerts, upsell/cross sell, and employee training
  • Data and insights available enterprise-wide from Veritone Intelligent Data Lake
  • Contact Center and Customer Service Managers, get insight into customer and agent interactions that drives higher agent productivity and greater customer satisfaction
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals, track positive and negative language on social media about your company and your competitors, and identify trending topics for future marketing strategies
  • Digital Experience Managers, understand which engagement channels and customer touchpoints are associated with positive and negative sentiment scores
  • Product Managers, know what products and services are mentioned and when, and how customers feel about them
  • Compliance Officers, detect when language is used by employees with customers that could risk non-compliance to industry or government regulations, and correct it for the future

Prebuilt Interaction Analytics Solutions

Jump-start your project with pre-configured Interaction Analytics solutions.

  • Conversational Compliance

    Transcribe call recordings and make them searchable for company and regulatory compliance

  • Social Media Insight

    Listen, learn, and leverage brand and competitor insights across your social media presence

  • Contact Center Insight

    Identify speakers, transcribe calls, gauge intent and measure sentiment for reduced costs and satisfied customers

Make better business decisions while boosting revenues, reducing operations costs and improving customer satisfaction.
Tackle other use cases with unique solutions enabled by the aiWARE low-code Automate Studio workflow tool.

Contact Center AI for
Conversational Intelligence

Contact Center and Customer Service Managers, use automated call QA to scale your conversational intelligence, and ensure agent-customer call compliance. Get insight into customer and agent interactions that drives higher agent productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Veritone’s aiWARE AI engines and workflows operate on text, voice and video to help you more efficiently and cost effectively deliver optimal customer support. Add AI to your contact center workflows and experience happier employees and more satisfied customers.

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alteryx screenshot

Integrations: Veritone aiWARE for Alteryx

Veritone Interaction Analytics harnesses the power of the aiWARE Enterprise AI platform. aiWARE makes available hundreds of ready-to-deploy AI engines and allows for rapid AI-enabled analytics.

With Veritone aiWARE for Alteryx, the power of AI to produce unstructured data insight is available to every Alteryx user. The aiWARE tools within Alteryx open new doors of AI-powered insight for Alteryx users to explore unstructured data sources including video, images, audio, sensor data, and text.

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