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Text Recognition

Convert alphanumeric characters in documents, images, or video into text strings.

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Text Recognition — also known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) — engines in the Veritone cognitive engine ecosystem recognize text in unstructured, image-based data such as a sign in a picture, a screenshot of a computer document, or a news headline in a video clip, and express that recognized text in a structured format. Image and video OCR can be used to quickly locate key words displayed in thousands of images or hours of video.

Text Recognition Features:

  • Trainable with Custom Libraries

    Create custom models using text in images specific to your use case with the Veritone Library application or annotation tool.

  • Searchable Results

    Identify the text you are looking for quickly within images with searchable text recognition engine output via API and Veritone applications.

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    Near Real-Time Processing

    Process pictures and video files in near real-time for use cases requiring a fast turnaround of unstructured, image-based data to structured text.

  • Long-Form Video Support

    Extract text from short-form or long-form files in video recordings.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Deploy in a new or integrate into an existing application in the cloud via aiWARE GraphQL APIs, or with a subset that can be deployed on-premise via a Docker container. Learn more.

  • Powered by an AI Ecosystem

    Leverage advanced text recognition machine learning algorithms from the Veritone managed cognitive engine ecosystem — including algorithms from Veritone, niche providers, and industry giants.

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