AI for Police: How Veritone Technology is Revolutionizing Law Enforcement

Artificial intelligence (AI) in law enforcement technologies will become crucial to help investigators fight crime. From combating human trafficking and crime across jurisdictions to finding missing persons and criminals faster, the fundamental challenge that investigators face is finding an individual or individuals across hundreds of hours of video footage. 

In a recent interview with Fox Business on The Big Money Show (watch the full interview above), Ryan Steelberg, co-founder, president, and CEO of Veritone, summed up the challenge—it’s a data problem. 


Processing Digital Evidence at Scale 

Pulling together videos from different sources (such as CCTV, smart devices, bodycams, audio calls, just to name a few) is a gargantuan effort. To help consolidate and streamline this effort, Vertione created its Intelligent Digital Evidence Management System  (iDEMS) solution that uses AI to modernize existing digital evidence management systems. Breaking down data silos with automated workflows in a secure, centralized system, iDEMS enables investigators to improve the management and analysis of multimedia evidence. 

For example, Veritone iDEMS leverages the capabilities of multiple Veritone public sector products, including Veritone Track, which is a digital investigative tool for law enforcement, public safety agencies, and building or event security teams. Investigators can use Veritone Track to analyze videos from separate sources to track persons of interest without using personally identifiable information (PII), which is one of the main concerns of facial recognition technology. 


Overcoming the drawbacks of facial recognition 

Facial recognition technology has raised concerns about identity protection and the protection of PII. Veritone Track uses a radically different approach, using human-like objects (HLOs) instead. With this approach, investigators can use Veritone Track to identify individuals across videos by the type of hat they wear, logos on sweatshirts, and more. This protects one’s identity and overcomes the inherent bias that all humans bring to the fold.

This technology is already being deployed in places like Thailand and the United Kingdom, and AI redaction is growing among agencies in North America. However, there are concerns about the nefarious use of this technology. Veritone has always stood by its AI for Good principles of trust, transparency, security & compliance, and empowerment. This technology will not be made generally available or open source like some recent large language models we’ve seen enter the scene. 

Veritone is laser-focused on enhancing the capabilities of officers and their supporting staff and making our communities safer. At the same time, we are working with our partners, like AWS and Deloitte, to bring this technology to the right people who can make the most positive impact. 

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