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Three Ways That Veritone aiWARE for Alteryx Can Deliver Powerful AI Capabilities to Your Organization

The world is filled with data, but the vast majority of this information–80% in total–is in unstructured form. Significant business value lies trapped in an organization’s unstructured data stores. Rather than automatically extracting and understanding this data, many organizations employ expensive human resources to painstakingly review, locate and extract needed data and insight.

To address this challenge, Veritone, Inc. and Alteryx Inc. have joined forces to provide artificial intelligence (AI) technology within an analytic process to unlock valuable real-time insights into both structured and unstructured data.

The recent integration of Veritone, Inc.’s aiWARE operating system for artificial intelligence into Alteryx Inc.’s analytic process automation (APA) software is delivering unprecedented AI capabilities to Alteryx customers everywhere, making AI possible for data analysts with no programming or AI experience. With access to aiWARE’s ecosystem of vision, speech and text analytics AI engines, Alteryx users now can quickly and easily gain AI-powered insights into unstructured data sources, including video, images, audio, sensor data and text.

The combination of Veritone and Alteryx offers customers a stairway to increasingly powerful AI capabilities.

On the first tier, Alteryx’s APA software on its own is capable of ingesting, prepping and blending from virtually any structured data source. With the addition of aiWARE tools for Alteryx, the solution moves to the second value step, with the APA software conducting AI processing on unstructured data, including speech, vision and text. Moving on to the third value step, Alteryx users can engage in intelligent process automation, leveraging Veritone Automate Studio and Veritone Developer software to develop AI-based workflows that can generate real-time data insights. At the fourth and final level of the value staircase, users can leverage a range of Veritone end-user applications designed to capitalize on real-time data insights for specific verticals and industries. Overall, the combination of Alteryx and Veritone offers customers a path to vastly expand their data sets and gain real-time scalable insights.

Looking at the second step on the stairway, here are three ways that Veritone aiWARE Tools for Alteryx can take your organization’s AI initiatives to the next level:

  1. Unstructured data support. Alteryx APA is a powerful tool that allows users to prep, blend and analyze structured data from virtually any source. However, with the addition of aiWARE, Alteryx now extends these capabilities into the unstructured realm, making 100% of all data discoverable and usable–not just the 20% of data that iis structured. Veritone’s AI tools for ingesting data, running AI jobs and returning results are now available for download from the Alteryx Gallery and subsequently used within the Alteryx Desktop application. With these tools, Alteryx users can harness the power of the aiWARE operating system, which makes available hundreds of ready-to-deploy AI engines and allows for rapid AI-enabled analytics. The integration democratizes AI by making the power of unstructured data insight available to every Alteryx user. For example, Alteryx users operating contact centers can leverage aiWARE to analyze data coming from transcribed voice calls to identify when certain products are mentioned or to determine caller sentiment regarding that product.
  2. Capability to scale to massive data volumes. Using aiWARE, Alteryx customers can hyperscale by processing massive amounts of data in the cloud and getting immediate results. With many AI tasks requiring demanding processing, this capability is essential for large data sets such as video archives.
  3. Pre-integrated AI engines, with no coding required. aiWARE tools for Alteryx include pre-integrated engines for vision, speech and text insights. These engines allow users to quickly start applying AI processing to their data without coding.

With dozens of pre-integrated Veritone aiWARE engines freely available from the Alteryx Gallery, business analysts and reporting managers now have the power of unstructured data insight at their fingertips. However, this just scratches the surface in terms of the benefits that aiWARE can deliver to Alteryx users. Stay tuned for the next two blogs in this series, which will focus on the higher tiers of value delivered by the combination of aiWARE and Alteryx. In the meantime, please contact us to discuss your needs, or try Veritone aiWARE Tools for Alteryx for free.


stairway to increasingly powerful AI

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