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How Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies Can Address Requirements in SB20-217 (Part 1)

Summary: SB20-217 is a Colorado law requiring several things from law enforcement agencies in the state. Some of these things include body-worn cameras (BWC) on specific classifications of law enforcement officers and releasing this footage to the public.   Colorado law enforcement agencies need new tools to scale their redaction @practice to effectively redact audio-video files...

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How AI Can Help Law Enforcement Identify Suspects Faster

In the ever-evolving landscape of public safety and criminal investigations, suspect identification stands as a pivotal component. Over the years, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have relied on a variety of techniques, some of which have proven to be challenging and limited.  Eyewitness accounts, once considered a gold standard, have faced scrutiny due to their susceptibility...

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The Top 5 Challenges Canadian Police Chiefs Face Today

Summary: Canadian police chiefs face difficult and complex challenges, from tightening budgets, staff burnout, and improving relations with the communities they serve. Many of their challenges are not unique to Canada but are also being faced by law enforcement agencies in the United States. Veritone is helping agencies in the US alleviate the burden of...

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The Top 10 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Public Transportation

Summary In this blog, we cover: Ten ways applications for artificial intelligence in public transportation How AI can make mass transit safer, more efficient, and more accessible FAQs regarding AI and public transportation The Impact of AI on Public Transportation The global adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we live and...

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Ai for Government

The Transformative Power of AI for Government

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing sectors worldwide, and the public sector is no exception. The impact of AI on government agencies, services, and operations is profound, transforming how we think about and interact with the government. In this article, we’ll explore:  What it means for government agencies to be using AI The benefits of AI...

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Accelerate Audio Redaction With Artificial Intelligence

Hello and thank you for joining us for the final chapter of our AI Redaction series. So far, we’ve explored AI-Powered video redaction, how automated redaction software and services work, the best practices for redaction, redacting documents with AI, and the basics of redaction. For our sixth and final chapter, we take a look at...

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Accelerate Video Redaction With Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for joining us again for the fifth chapter of our AI Redaction series. Now that we’ve covered the basics of redaction, redacting documents with AI, the best practices for redaction and how to implement them, and how automated redaction software and services work, we turn our attention to the ins and outs of...

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How Automated Redaction (AI) Software and Services Work

Hello and welcome back to our series on AI redaction. In our previous chapters, we’ve discussed the unique challenges facing redaction in the digital age, redacting legal documents using artificial intelligence, and the best practices for redaction. In this chapter, we’ll dive into AI-powered redaction and its impact on redaction software.  Summary What is automated...

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Redact Blog Series Chapter 3

Redaction Best Practices and How to Implement Them

Hello and welcome to the third chapter of our AI Redaction series, which will cover redaction best practices for legal professionals. Chapter 2: Redacting Legal Documents With Artificial Intelligence was all about the types of information that are typically redacted from legal data (such as personally identifiable information, or PII) and the challenges that legal...

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