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Unstructured Legal Data

Unstructured Legal Data and the A.I. Lifeboat Solution

The world is drowning in data. Music data. Photo data. Video data. Spreadsheet, flow chart, email, and website data. These days, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s someone nearby creating data—even if it’s just CCTV footage, or the satellites orbiting our planet. (Say hi to Big Brother!) Look at you, dear...

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AI Ediscovery

AI E-discovery: Solving Doc Review’s Problem Child

In an earlier post, we discussed some of the hurdles of document review. While browsing, the savvy reader may have noticed a pattern: document review has a problem child. We’re talking, of course, about e-discovery. E-discovery is the area of document review that deals exclusively with electronic information. It’s also one of the biggest sources...

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AI Legal Revolution

The Guide to AI and the Legal Revolution

The past two centuries have seen some of the most dramatic technological leaps in the history of humankind. Steam engines that connect continents. Personalized vehicles. The typewriter. Metal birds that can fly. Not to mention tiny boxes that can send and receive messages across the globe in less time than a blink. Legal professionals have...

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