Add AI to Contact Centers to Generate Valuable Customer insights

Add AI to Contact Centers to Generate Valuable Customer insights

What does the customer want? How’s the customer feeling? What’s the best way to make the customer happy right now?

These questions are the reason why companies create contact centers—places where inquiries about customer mood, intent and the proper response are asked and answered. However, the job of gauging callers’ emotions and objectives and determining the proper responses is not always simple, requiring service agents to take time to listen, understand and make decisions regarding customer attitude and objectives.

As this process repeats thousands of times daily in a single contact center, average call handle times can rise significantly. This can slow responsiveness and efficiency, driving up costs and extending case resolution times. Just as importantly, these slowdowns can result in long hold times and inadequate assistance, causing customer frustration and increasing churn.

New artificial intelligence (AI) solutions now arriving on the market are enabling forward-looking contact centers to streamline the essential process of evaluating and responding to customer inquiries. Using AI algorithms that perform tasks like near real-time voice transcription, translation, sentiment analysis, intent analytics and content analytics, contact centers can gather immediate insights that accelerate the help process and meet customer needs. If video, image or text materials accompany the customer’s request, those can be automatically analyzed with insight and information extracted, using AI that performs image OCR and face, logo, and object detection, for example.

Contact Center AI Challenges

However, current contact center automation systems typically employ a single AI algorithm or point solution designed to assist with one aspect of case handling. To fully capitalize on AI’s capability to automate and streamline contact-center processes, contact centers require a solution that can combine multiple AI engines together into an overall automated workflow, rather than accelerating an individual task.

Imagine a solution that could take real-time customer audio from a unified communications system like RingCentral, and then process the dialog automatically by running AI algorithms performing transcription and speaker separation. The solution then would take this information and invoke additional algorithms conducting sentiment, intent and content analytics. Based on insights generated by these algorithms, the system could then escalate the customer inquiry—or use a recommendation engine to help an agent determine the next step.

Such a solution would automatically generate real-time insights, including:

  • Whether the conversation is negative or positive.
  • What the customer’s intent is.
  • If there are any upsell opportunities.
  • Which products, brands, people, places, dates, amounts, topics or issues were discussed.

Dramatically Increase the Software Efficiency of the Entire Workflow

These insights can dramatically reduce the amount of time agents spend gauging customer intent—and allow them to more quickly move on to addressing customer needs. And by automatically integrating with other business solutions like Salesforce and Oracle Netsuite, the solution could dramatically increase the software efficiency of the entire workflow.

One such solution has already arrived on the scene: Veritone’s Contact Center Automation Solutions allow contact centers to leverage the power of Veritone’s aiWARE platform, which utilizes multiple, ready-to-deploy AI models.

With Veritone, contact centers can deploy AI-powered business processes at scale within days. The solutions employ workflow steps for content ingestion, enrichment and integration. Organizations can leverage standalone AI engine workflows for generating valuable customer insight, or those flows can be called by legacy contact-center applications or business process automation and robotic process automation solutions used for call-center process automation. Learn more about Veritone’s Contact Center Automation Solutions, or contact Veritone today to find out more about how Veritone AI can transform your contact-center operations.

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