Smart Contact Center Automation

Leverage best-of-breed, ready-to-deploy AI engines and workflows operating on text, voice and video to more efficiently and cost effectively deliver optimal customer support. Add AI to your contact center workflows and experience happier employees and more satisfied customers.

Veritone Contact Center Automation delivers benefits to:

The Customer Support Challenge

With remote demand at an all-time high, today’s contact centers struggle with:

  • Customer service agent overload and burnout
  • Agents repeatedly answering simple requests
  • Ballooning cost and resolution time per case
  • Slow contact center responsiveness and efficiency
  • Customer frustration and churn from long hold times and inadequate assistance
  • Missed upsell opportunities due to limited customer view
  • Lack of support of customer-preferred communication channels
  • Different customer experiences across channels

The Need: AI Automation

Contact centers need AI automation for:

Fast Data Access – gain deep insights during customer interactions

  • Challenge: How to access the system and assemble all
    needed data?
  • Need: Immediate customer 360-degree view for live agents

Rapid Resolution – create successful outcomes and delight customers

  • Challenge: What is the recommended solution, and how to locate and deliver it?
  • Need: Faster resolution and higher quality of the resolution

Customer Insights – extract value from customer conversations in

  • Challenge: How to predict what may happen?
  • Need: Understand sentiment, intent, and customer need

Omnichannel Availability – support the right channels, when the customer is available 

  • Challenge: How to integrate all these channels with
    24×7 availability?
  • Need: Support multimedia interactions and ingest multimedia content



Introducing Veritone Contact Center Automation

Veritone’s Contact Center Automation solutions leverage best-of-breed, ready-to-deploy AI engines and workflows operating on text, voice and video to automatically produce useful information and insight on customers and their support requests, in order to more efficiently and cost effectively deliver optimal customer service.

Unlike other contact center automation solutions that use an individual AI engine or point solution to assist with one aspect of case handling, Veritone contact center automation combines multiple AI engines within an overall AI workflow that is callable by existing call center systems to automate all aspects of the customer case handling process, from multi-channel communication to 360-degree customer view to automated customer responses to extraction of insight during and post-engagement.

Customer Service Worker

Deliver Efficiency, Insights, and Responsiveness

Customer Support Efficiency

  • Ingesting communications from social media, email, phone calls
    and other sources
  • Real-time 360-degree customer view via voice fingerprint, voice
    transcription and text analytics
  • Speaker identification (voice frequency)
  • Multi-language call transcription, speaker separation in transcription
  • Transcript summarization, topics and other text analytics
  • Conversation translation
  • Image OCR and face, logo and object detection

Customer Insights

  • Topic and entity extraction (products, people, places, dates, amounts)
  • Conducting sentiment analysis and intent of calls to detect churn
  • PII detection for security and compliance

Automatic Customer Responses

  • Chatbots with automated responses for key conversation topics
  • Automated recommendation engine
  • Automated creation of support tickets

Key Features

  • Broad AI Model Support:

    Process data through aiWARE-based AI engines for extraction and insight. Supported AI models include:

    • Text analytics: translation, sentiment analysis, topic and entity extraction, summarization, intent analysis, PII detection, chatbot, recommendation engine
    • Audio analytics: multi-language transcription, speaker separation, speaker identification
    • Machine vision and biometrics: image OCR, object detection, face detection, logo detection
  • Omnichannel Ingestion:

     Ingest data from social media, email, phone calls and other sources

  • Case Handling Workflow:

    Connect multiple AI models in an AI workflow and customize ingestions and exports using the low-code Automate Studio workflow tool

  • integration icon
    Seamless Integration:

    Use aiWARE APIs or Automate Studo to infuse extraction results and insights into existing contact center systems (Sales, Support, Billing)


Contact Center Automation, Powered by aiWARE

Customer service agents manually locating customer information trapped in emails, text messages, images, video, and audio calls is costly, and can cause delays, impact customer experience, and risk compliance. AI is the answer, but can require expensive data scientists and ML engineers. Even with APIs into AI engines, programmers must spend time programming at the API level to get the insight they need from their data sources, slowing time to production. Worse, integrations with legacy contact center systems can be costly and complex, and deploying AI frequently misses the mark at production scale. 

Contact centers need an easy way to access all the benefits of AI. Veritone’s aiWARE platform is the answer, powering enterprise contact center automation. The cognitive operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed AI models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence, in near real time. With aiWARE, contact centers can rapidly deploy and scale AI within their systems and business processes without requiring expensive AI developers and ML engineers. AI models are ready to deploy and deliver business value immediately.

Product Webinar

An extended product overview presentation and solution demonstration

Create AI Workflows with Automate Studio

Use Veritone’s low-code Automate Studio workflow designer to connect multiple AI models in an AI workflow. Integrate these workflows to existing CRM systems to ingest and process content, and return extraction results and insights to customer service agents.

Veritone provides predefined workflows for common contact center automation use cases, and can develop custom flows tailored to specific needs.

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