The Veritone Podcast | May 31, 2022 | 33 mins

How Brands Should be Utilizing Web3 and the Metaverse (Part III)

Welcome back to another installment of Adventures in AI! In part three of our metaverse series, we talk with Veritone President and Co-Founder Ryan Steelberg about the current metaverse and Web3 landscape, his predictions for the future, and how brands should be engaging in the space. Tuning in you’ll get an overview of how best to utilize Web3, why prioritizing community is essential, and how to ensure that you do not alienate your audience. Ryan shares his advice on how established brands and large enterprises should be implementing and experimenting with Web3 while remaining nimble in a market that still has an abundance of unknowns, as well as how to avoid the speculative elements of Web3. Later, we delve into the current status of immersive engagement, areas where we’ve seen the most progress, and what companies should be focusing on as they leverage new immersive technologies. We also take a closer look at the value of Veritone’s metaverse offerings and what to expect from the upcoming Veriverse from Veritone. Make sure you tune in today for a deep dive into the metaverse, branding, and much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing part three in our metaverse series.
  • Get to know today’s guest Ryan Steelberg, Co-Founder and President at Veritone.
  • An overview of the current landscape of Web3 and the metaverse.
  • Ryan’s prediction for the future of Web3 and the metaverse.
  • Best practices for influencers and brands who are engaging with the metaverse and Web3.
  • The opportunities for large enterprises in the metaverse.
  • Why community is such an important tenet of Web3. 
  • Ryan’s advice for large enterprises to test and explore the possibilities of Web3.
  • The concept of an immersive digital experience, and where that has been achieved.
  • Ryan’s predictions for the next trends in immersive engagement.
  • What companies should be focusing on as they leverage new immersive channels.
  • How to avoid the speculative elements of Web3.
  • The role that avatars, the metaverse, and Web3 could play in the next election.
  • How risk-averse individuals can invest in the metaverse.
  • How Veritone sets itself apart from its competitors.
  • The value of Veritone’s metaverse offerings for its audience.
  • Why it’s imperative that you don’t alienate your existing audience.
  • How people can learn more about Veritone’s stance within the metaverse.
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Head shot of Ryan Steelberg who is the president of Veritone, an artificial intelligence company
Ryan Steelberg

President and Co-Founder, Veritone

How brands should be utilizing Web3 and the metaverse

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