Veritone Digital Media Hub Updates Offer Performance Insights, Generative AI for Metadata, and More

  • The Veritone Digital Media Hub team has unveiled its newest features that enhance content discoverability, insights, and metadata capabilities.
  • Analytics Center provides deep content insights by offering enhanced visibility into user activities and content usage metrics within Digital Media Hub.
  • Synthetic data cleansing and new AI engines will enable automated metadata creation and enhance search and discoverability.

Discover the latest enhancements in Veritone Digital Media Hub, empowering you to maximize content management, creation, and monetization.

Veritone Digital Media Hub continues to evolve with a range of new features that enhance the content management, creation, and monetization capabilities of media and entertainment organizations. In this blog, we’ll delve into four exciting new additions that empower users to streamline content workflows, gain valuable insights, and unlock the full potential of their media assets.

Analytics Center: Gain Deeper Content Insights

The introduction of Analytics Center adds substantial new content analysis and measurement capabilities within Digital Media Hub. This feature offers Digital Media Hub admins enhanced visibility into user activities and content usage metrics. 

By leveraging Analytics Center, you can identify user behavior patterns, media buyer activities, and search trends, right from within your personalized Digital Media Hub. This data-driven approach enables you to highlight high-performing content, optimize engagement, and drive more value from your media assets.

Homepage and Menu Updates: Enhancing the User Experience

Veritone Digital Media Hub has a new look and feel with the unveiling of our new homepage and Mega Menu, which improves customization of the top menu navigation to enhance discoverability and allow users to quickly access links to collections of content. These changes improve efficiency for your users so they can easily find key content when they need it and leverage moments unearthed by AI from the dropdown menu.

This update keeps Digital Media Hub looking fresh while improving your ability to highlight the content you want to feature, easily set up galleries on your homepage, and enable your users to quickly find and discover assets.

Coming Soon: Synthetic Data Enhancement

One of the most enjoyed features of Digital Media Hub is the ability to use AI to automate your metadata creation process so you can easily find and discover content via metadata tags, such as through object, facial, or logo recognition. However, sometimes there are still gaps in those metadata, such as titles and descriptions of your videos. 

Synthetic data enhancement uses generative AI to fill in those gaps by using existing asset metadata to create and apply new metadata in order to improve cataloging and accessibility of that asset. This gives users the ability to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for manual human intervention to write consumable information about an asset, saving countless hours in data management and search.

Synthetic data enhancement is now available to select Digital Media Hub users and is planned for wide availability in Q3 of 2023. 

Coming Soon: New AI Engines

 Another of Digital Media Hub’s most distinguishing features is the ability to leverage multiple AI engines from more than 20 cognitive categories. The goal is to enable a “best-of-breed” mentality so users can add the AI engines that are best suited for their needs to their Digital Media Hub, rather than be saddled with only the engines the vendor selects. 

As such, we’re always on the lookout for the newest and best engines to incorporate into aiWARE, the AI platform that underpins Digital Media Hub. Now, we’re adding a couple of new engines to the roster: Celebrity Facial Recognition and Content Classification. These will significantly enhance search and discoverability within Digital Media Hub, in particular for studios, broadcasters, and sports organizations looking for particular faces within their archives. These new engines will be available to add to your Digital Media Hub in Q3.

Veritone Digital Media Hub Accelerates Your Media Workflows

Veritone Digital Media Hub’s latest features are just the tip of the iceberg. With the tools you need to streamline content management, gain valuable insights, and unlock the full potential of your media assets, Veritone Digital Media Hub is a full content workflow solution to maximize the value of your media content. To get started accelerating your content journey with Veritone Digital Media Hub, get in touch and one of our experts will reach out to discuss your specific needs.