Veritone and AINS Accelerate Federal Agency Workflows by Automating Redaction


  • Agencies need a faster way to keep up with the high volume of FOIA requests, overburdening their redaction capabilities 
  • Integrating with Veritone Redact, federal civilian agencies can automate much of the redaction process 
  • AINS and Veritone have partnered to help federal agencies streamline their case processes 

Veritone recently announced a new partnership with AINS, a leader in low code, adaptive case management software, to offer federal civilian government agencies a solution to highly impacted public records requests.

As a part of this collaboration, AINS integrated Veritone Redact into FOIAXpress, a platform created to help agencies manage Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. By combining Veritone Redact with the FOIAXpress platform, government agencies can expedite audio and video file requests while adhering to FOIA privacy laws.

This strategic partnership will accelerate agency workflows by automating the necessary redaction process within audio, image, and video-based evidence for public records requests while increasing transparency with the public.

Why is redacting sensitive information important?

With the right AI-powered redaction tools, federal civilian government agencies can automate their currently manual redaction processes, allowing them to redact PII and other sensitive information across multiple data formats, including audio, video, and images. Faster processing rates lend themselves to improved relationships with the public as these agencies can offer faster responses to FOIA or public records requests.

What is Veritone Redact?

Manual redaction efforts take up an extraordinary amount of time, cost, and effort. But with Veritone Redact, law enforcement, government, and judicial agencies can automate redaction tasks to save these resources and redistribute them to other important tasks that need attention.

Powered by aiWARE, Veritone Redact uses artificial intelligence to systematically detect human heads, personally identifiable information (PII), and objects of interest such as license plates, laptops, notepads, or any other sensitive imagery defined by the user. Veritone Redact can also detect words, names, and phrases within audio, streamlining the redaction process of footage and recordings from CCTV, bodycams, dashcams, interview rooms, and more.

Now, by pairing this automation technology with AINS’ management solutions, federal civilian government agencies can experience a more optimized workflow and faster processing times.

How will Veritone’s partnership with AINS benefit federal agencies?

A new-to-industry solution, the pairing of Veritone Redact and FOIAXpress introduces an opportunity to enhance the public records request workflow for audio and video redaction. Agencies can save time, money, and other resources with automated request intake, PII redaction, and file release, sending the redacted files back to the requestor. As a result, agencies can not only expedite audio and video file requests, which have greatly increased over recent years and the introduction of new surveillance technologies, but they can also reduce and better manage their FOIA backlogs

Redaction processes are typically slow and costly when performed manually. However, with this solution from Veritone and AINS, FOIAXpress customers, who are reportedly present across all 15 executive departments, have a resource-friendly way to accelerate their work while remaining accountable and compliant with privacy laws.

To learn more about Veritone Redact and FOIAXpress, schedule a call with one of our Veritone team members.