How ACEDS and Veritone Are Creating New AI Education and Enrichment Opportunities for the Legal Industry


  • Veritone and the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) have partnered to help professionals increase their AI competency through variety of educational initiatives
  • ACEDS and Vertione will work to provide information on how tools like Veritone Illuminate fathers insights from electronically stored information (ESI)
  • ACEDS members will uncover how AI not helps reduce costs but will at the same time enhance their skills, helping their careers as these technologies become more commonplace


With technology continuously evolving, we often face a technology paradox. The more technology advances, making our lives easier, it inversely requires a commitment to learning how to use it—artificial intelligence (AI) is no exception.

Learning how to use AI differs from simply reading and learning about it. While AI can seem intimidating, Veritone strives to democratize AI through easy-to-use products and expanded partnerships as evidenced with our recent commitment with the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS).

Flattening the AI learning curve

Veritone has partnered with ACEDS, a division of The BARBRI Group, to participate in greater education and enrichment efforts. ACEDS provides legal and professional development training, education, and certification on a global scale.

“With increased interest in AI solutions, we look forward to collaborating with Veritone to deliver higher insights into automation tools and their proprietary aiWARE platform,” says Mike Quartararo, president of ACEDS. “The future of data management lies in AI, and that’s valuable to ACEDS’ members.”

Through this partnership, ACEDS’ members and the e-discovery community will gain access to webinars, an AI blog series, and other educational content on AI, machine learning, and how professionals can benefit from this technology.

Gathering insight from electronically stored information

According to ACEDS, their members are particularly interested in learning how tools, such as Veritone Illuminate, can help gather insight from electronically stored information (ESI). Veritone Illuminate is a legal and compliance software application powered by aiWARE made with e-discovery teams, public safety, and criminal justice agencies in mind.

In the recent past, we’ve seen ESI declared as inadmissible due to the sheer volume of work needed to process all the data, but with the help of AI, legal teams can find and extract relevant data from immense amounts of ESI like jail calls (audio), interview recordings (video), and deposition transcripts (text).

With Veritone Illuminate, legal teams can streamline and speed up the process of data analysis, search, discovery, culling, translation, and more. In the application, this can help:

  • Assess early case insights: Illuminate automatically makes evidence data in audio and video searchable by whatever parameters you need (including keywords, objects, faces, and more) so e-discovery teams can ignore extraneous data and focus on relevant content.
  • Analyze media evidence: Cutting-edge conceptual and structured text analytics uncover front-end insights that may have been missed during previous searches through text-based files, audio, and video data.
  • Translate and transcribe evidence: Illuminate supports 70+ languages and dialects, allowing it to quickly and accurately translate and transcribe audio into a workable document.
  • Save time, effort, and cost: Along with saving on work hours and allowing teams to devote time to other important tasks, Illuminate negates the need for large amounts of storage and certain specialized teams (like translators).

Taking e-discovery to the next level

In a nutshell, introducing legal professionals to AI tools like Veritone Illuminate creates a ripple effect that can positively impact the entire industry. It’s fast, it’s cost-effective, and—most importantly—it introduces more evidence that may have previously been overlooked due to limited resources.

As Veritone works with ACEDS To elevate the competencies of its members, we can in turn help reduce costs and the risks associated with e-discovery from a business perspective. However, it also presents a huge career opportunity for these individuals who can increase their skills and deepen their understanding of deep machine learning in the field.

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