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From Past Insight to Present Action – aiWARE for Alteryx Delivers Real Time Intelligent Process Automation

aiWARE for Alteryx expands the Alteryx data universe to 100% of data sources–structured and unstructured. Pre-integrated AI engines for speech, vision and text can answer questions that previously required countless hours of costly and error-prone manual review of video, images, audio files, documents and emails, making this type of insight nearly impossible without the help of AI.

Much of this AI-based analytical insight comes from historical data sources. But what about real-time processes involving unstructured data sources? Could these also benefit from analytical insight? The answer is a resounding Yes, with aiWARE for Alteryx, delivering real-time data insight that informs present action. Take a customer contact center, for example. With real-time AI, agents are able to visualize a 360-degree view from a customer’s voice recognition as well as instant recommendations based on transcribed keywords. Additionally, customer calls, emails and chats can be escalated if AI-detected sentiment is negative, or routed to special offers and upsells/cross-sells for happy customers. Real-time process insight can improve business agility, boost customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

In addition to the no-code, out-of-the-box integrated AI engines available within aiWARE for Alteryx, the integration provides the ability to call custom AI workflows from Veritone’s Automate Studio low-code workflow tool.

Alteryx Automate Screenshot

With Automate Studio developers can create custom flows to ingest data from any cloud or on-premise location, extract and enrich that data with aiWARE engines, and inject insight back into Alteryx or Veritone’s cloud-based Intelligent Data Lake for further data blending, visualization and reporting. With aiWARE for Alteryx and the pre-integrated Automate Studio product, data analysts can work with IT developers and business analysts to go beyond historical data insight and take action in the here and now, delivering real-time Intelligent Process Automation (IPA):

  • Drive processes and take actions based on analytical insights
  • Develop synchronous, real-time, event-driven processes that leverage a fast and scalable cloud architecture
  • Implement custom AI workflows that can call any type of cognitive engine or multiple engines
  • Send time-stamped data insights to humans for review and edit
  • Store massive amounts of data insight in a cloud-based intelligent data lake for further analysis
  • Populate workflows with custom engines and training data sets in aiWARE

For contact centers, aiWARE+Alteryx can combine the functionality of multiple cognitive engines to form a comprehensive IPA-based workflow for answering and responding to questions. The custom workflow can take incoming calls and use a range of cognitive engine types to analyze their content, including voice transcription, speaker separation, sentiment analysis and intent analysis. Based on this analysis, the workflow can then make decisions on the appropriate response to the calls, whether to route to a service agent, or escalate to a manager. Such IPA-based workflows can massively enhance contact center efficiency while boosting the level of customer service.

In addition to contact center automation, the IPA capabilities delivered by aiWARE+ Alteryx can enhance other workflow types, including media analytics, content monitoring, and sponsorship verification.

aiWARE+ Alteryx can deliver comprehensive analytics for your company’s media archive, running multiple cognitive engines on media files to unlock structured data for analysis. The solutions also can produce daily content reports for radio stations, summarizing broadcasting across multiple live streams. When used for sports sponsorship verification, aiWARE+ Alteryx can generate reports showing how long specific brand names appear on screen at sporting events.

Ready to move from past insight to present action, delivering real-time IPA to your organization and your customers? Contact us to discuss your needs, and try Veritone aiWARE Tools for Alteryx for free.