WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Grow Revenue and Enhance Transparency with TV Ad Attribution

“It’s the same old adage we hear all the time about TV ad campaigns: “What was the reach and how effective was that ad campaign?”

And while each broadcaster has their own methods to answer that question for their advertisers, many broadcasters either have a hard time or don’t use an attribution solution to help them derive ad performance.

Join Veritone as they talk about the importance of attribution and how TV broadcasters can leverage attribution to help them further optimize their advertising campaigns, reveal greater customer return on investment (ROI), enhance transparency with the advertisers while driving greater revenue for the organization.

Also get an in-depth view of Veritone’s award-winning attribution solution, Veritone Attribute, and see how this simple, easy-to-use application that is taking the radio and TV broadcasting industry by storm. Veritone Attribute connects to your client’s website analytics so that you and your advertisers can now make tangible connections between advertising campaigns and the actions the target audiences have taken on their website, in near-real time.

Veritone Attribute also features custom attribution timespans to align advertising campaigns with audience response – making on-air broadcast part of digital with real data and insights.

Whether you’re currently using attribution or not as part of your ad effectiveness equation, you’ll definitely don’t want to miss out on this webinar