ZK Hdr

Zukunft Personal Europe 2024

Europe’s leading expo event around the world of work!

The ZP is different. Different from the other HR Expo events. ZP is the number 1 in Europe. The benchmark. With excellent industry expertise. A feel for trends and potential. And a clear mission. Like no other trade fair, ZP creates one thing. Active access. To the entire thematic cluster of the HR world. To the big players and innovative start-ups. To their new ideas, solutions and tools. But above all, ZP opens up space. For open exchange. Creative networking. Interdisciplinary transfer. For surprising synergies that make complex HR work manageable. And holistic. 360° value-adding and sustainable. And thus allow employees to fully develop their potential. The concentrated power of the industry. As a lively, collaborative platform for integrated HR transformation. There is only one thing ZP is never. Boring. Or like the others. But we’ve been through that. ZP. Expand the experience.

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