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Veritone Is Now Part of the Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners


  • Veritone is joining the Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners to foster a community of leaders in the safe development of AI technologies. 
  • This center of excellence will act as a platform and resource for companies to develop generative AI solutions that are safe, ethical, and responsible. 
  • Veritone’s membership in this new center of excellence highlights our decade-long commitment to the safe and ethical use of AI technologies. 

Veritone recently announced its collaboration with the newly launched Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners. As a contributing company, Veritone will leverage its expertise in generative AI to support the development of responsible AI solutions within the AWS Partner Network (APN). This collaboration aims to provide AWS Partners with the necessary resources, training, and tools to advance generative AI technologies while upholding fairness, privacy, and safety principles. 

In addition to our membership in the CoE, we also participated in a case study with AWS, which highlights our AI for Good initiative at the corporate level and across each of our business units. In the video above, we share how we ensure our AI-powered solutions are inclusive, diverse, and equitable. Moreover, it issues a call to action for future AI enablers to commit to responsible AI technology development and use.

Veritone has been committed to responsible AI since its inception in 2014. We believe in a future where humans can enhance their capabilities through AI while ensuring that the technology is transparent, trustworthy, secure, compliant, and equitable. By joining the Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners, Veritone underscores its dedication to incorporating responsible AI design into every aspect of its work. 

What is the Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners? 

The Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners is a resource hub and community platform. It enables partners to leverage data-driven insights and tools to guide their customers’ adoption of generative AI. It offers guidance, learning pathways, solution roadmaps, customer engagement frameworks, and interactive curricula. Veritone’s unique perspective and approach, developed through years of experience, will contribute to shaping responsible AI design practices within generative AI solutions.

One of the key offerings of the Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners is its education and training resources. These resources bridge the gap between the potential of AI and the evolving landscape of generative AI tools, applications, and use cases. AWS Partners can access comprehensive training materials and learning modules that empower them to develop generative AI solutions that enhance customer experiences.

The Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners provides resources and fosters a community of innovation. Partners can collaborate, share insights, and learn from one another’s experiences in developing generative AI solutions. This collaborative environment allows for the exchange of best practices and the exploration of new possibilities in AI.

The Veritone Commitment to Responsible AI 

Veritone’s collaboration with the Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners highlights its commitment to responsible AI design. By leveraging its expertise in generative AI, Veritone aims to contribute to advancing AI technologies while upholding ethical principles. Veritone’s core AI for Good principles include transparency, trust, security & compliance, and empowerment, which guide our product development and every decision we make. The Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners provides an excellent platform for partners to enhance their understanding of generative AI and develop solutions that improve customer experiences. 

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