Moving the Dial

Veritone Attribute and WideOrbit media operations platform are moving the dial at TV Stations

Regional broadcaster maximizes ad spend with the integrated ad management and attribution solution

In an increasingly competitive advertising environment, broadcasters need every advantage to maximize their ad revenue — and a major media enterprise  has dialed into an advantageous way to do just that. The company, which owns and operates stations in nearly 100  television markets, is driving customer satisfaction, renewals and incremental ad revenue opportunities, all while reducing costs across its ad tracking and billing tasks. The solution powering all of these benefits is the integrated combination of Veritone Attribute and WO Traffic.

Credit the partnership
The partnered integration between Veritone Attribute and WO Traffic is helping the TV Station maximize revenues by providing actionable attribution data that yields performance-driven insights and encourages advertisers to increase their share of ad spend. Veritone Attribute marries reconciled spot times within WO Traffic to web traffic and visitor data from an advertiser’s site, providing near real-time analytics on ad occurrences and consumers’ online response.

A Digital Sales Manager at the TV Station , speaks to the value of the partnership:

“Without real attribution data, advertisers have little assurance that their ad dollars are well spent and their advertisements are working,” they said. “Being able to show success metrics and measure a linear broadcast schedule through digital reporting to prove attribution is key. Veritone and WideOrbit’s integration gave us a powerful tool to do just that, providing us and our clients with immeasurable, immediate value.”

Cue the value proposition
Together, Veritone and WideOrbit provide sophisticated yet easy-to-use reporting capabilities that also allow the TV Station, and both radio and other TV broadcasters alike, to assist its brands in optimizing their advertising campaigns, garnering the station overwhelmingly strong results and obtaining positive feedback from clients. In fact, the TV Station is retaining more advertising revenue and is better positioned to compete for new, previously unattainable advertising share due to this technology partnership. With the blockbuster pair, the client is able to:

  • Monitor ad effectiveness across multiple markets with a single solution
  • Generate near real-time performance analytics to demonstrate attribution
  • Evaluate ad performance by location, day of the week, daypart, spot length and more
  • Drive renewal and incremental ad revenue opportunities.

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