As discussed in our previous blog, artificial intelligence (AI) has been making a significant impact on just about every industry, and one of the prime examples is sports. The global sports AI market has grown substantially due to advancements in machine learning and generative AI, increasing from $2.1 billion in 2020 to an estimated $16.7 billion by 2030.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top seven ways AI is changing the sports landscape.

How is Ai Changing the Sports Landscape?

1. Prioritizing Athlete Health and Performance

AI is proving essential in both injury prevention and performance enhancement for athletes. By using AI-powered real-time movement analysis, coaches can identify potential injury risks, modify workouts as needed, and help athletes reach their peak performance. 

Examples of this in action include tools like Zone7 that offer daily injury risk forecasting, allowing athletes to achieve their goals while minimizing injury threats.


2. Advancing Sports Analytics and Strategy

AI-powered analytics are indispensable for sports administrators and managers in shaping effective strategies. With AI, machine learning, and data science at their disposal, sports organizations can make better-informed decisions on player selections, lineup arrangements, and injury prevention—a strategy depicted in the movie “Moneyball.”


3. Monetizing Content through AI

Advancements in AI-powered digital asset management offer numerous opportunities for sports organizations to capitalize on their content. AI platforms like Veritone Digital Media Hub make this possible via metadata tagging, content management, and e-commerce capabilities. As a result, organizations can generate revenue more efficiently than ever before, unlocking archives and making live footage more readily available to various stakeholders.


4. Harnessing AI for Content Licensing

For both die-hard sports fans and organizations alike, content is king. It’s the thrilling game-time footage, highlights, and unforgettable moments of victory that keep us all hooked. 

AI can now help to significantly streamline the process of licensing and selling this content. With AI-powered sports licensing, content owners can connect with a network of buyers interested in quality, rights-cleared sports content, creating value for both parties.


5. Innovating Sports Journalism with AI

Generative AI is beginning to transform sports journalism, enabling comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of local matches. This technology uncovers previously hidden insights, offering new perspectives for readers.

By automating news and content creation, AI makes it easier for journalists to cover highlights and updates, especially in minor leagues. AI-driven solutions are increasingly integrated into competition management for leading sports and news organizations.

As generative AI evolves, we expect it to revolutionize sports journalism with innovative content and an enhanced storytelling approach, making sports coverage more engaging and interactive for audiences.

6. Engaging Fans Across the Globe

With AI, sports teams can connect with their diverse fan base more effectively. 

Platforms like Veritone Voice facilitate real-time play-by-play commentary and descriptions in various languages, making sports events accessible and enjoyable for fans around the world. AI-driven personalized messages from players or fan ambassadors deepen fans’ emotional connection to the game and the athletes they support.

7. Envisioning the Future of AI in Sports

The evolution of AI in sports will likely lead to myriad new developments, such as digital personas and 3D hyperrealistic avatars for sports personalities on platforms like Veritone Avatar. These innovations present even more engaging opportunities in traditional channels and metaverse environments.

Additionally, generative AI could create ad campaigns in multiple languages, catering to diverse demographics, and offer real-time insights and predictions to further empower fans and sports organizations.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored in this article, the impact of AI on sports is already being felt, from fan engagement to content monetization and beyond. With the global sports AI market set for significant growth, it’s crucial for sports organizations and stakeholders to stay informed about the latest advancements and implement AI technology so they can benefit from every way in which this technology is supercharging organizations’ capabilities in the sports industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions about AI in Sports

1. What is AI for sports?

AI for sports refers to the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis technologies to various aspects of the sports industry, including athlete performance, injury prevention, fan engagement, content monetization, facility management, and sports analytics.

2. What is an example of AI in sports?

Veritone Voice is an example of a solution sports organizations are currently using. This AI-powered platform provides real-time play-by-play commentary and descriptions in multiple languages, making sports events more accessible and enjoyable for fans across the globe.

3. What is the future of AI in the sports industry?

The future of AI in the sports industry holds promising innovations, such as digital personas and 3D hyperrealistic avatars for sports personalities, generative AI-based ad campaigns targeting diverse demographics, and real-time insights and predictions that will benefit fans and sports organizations alike. The potential adoption of AI is expected to make the sports landscape more captivating, engaging, and dynamic.

4. What companies are involved in sports AI?

Numerous companies are involved in sports AI including Veritone, Zone7, and HomeCourt.

  • Veritone offers AI-based solutions for sports, such as real-time multilingual commentary generation and sports facility energy management. 
  • Zone7 specializes in AI-driven injury prediction and risk mitigation, helping athletes improve their performance while minimizing injuries. 
  • HomeCourt is an interactive basketball app that utilizes AI to analyze players’ performance by providing insights on shot accuracy, speed, and vertical jumps, catering to players of all skill levels and aiding in their overall improvement.


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