Veritone IDentify

Intelligent, Rapid Suspect Identification

Harness the power of your booking database to identify suspect leads faster and increase case clearance rates.


Law Enforcement
Rapidly extract actionable insights from photographic and video evidence used in investigations. Facial recognition AI engines comb through your existing known-offender and person-of-interest databases at incredible speed, uncovering potential suspects for further investigation in less time and with fewer resources than alternative, manual practices — thus increasing the speed and efficiency of your investigative workflows.
There are too many hours of surveillance footage, photo evidence and BOLOs to manually analyze. Harness an intelligent software solution to systematically analyze known offenders to identify and provide suspect leads to investigators, officers, and district attorneys faster.

Intelligent, Rapid Suspect Identification for Public Safety & Justice Agencies

Despite public perception, even when criminals are caught on camera, law enforcement still has their work cut out for them to identify a suspect and connect them to the crime. The vast majority of agencies still manually sift through masses of arrest records, turning to colleagues for intel and even promoting the case publicly to identify their person of interest.

Many agencies lack the resources and tools to effectively search against their databases of known offenders and previously arrested or booked individuals. These manual processes require significant time and resources and, as a result, many departments are forced to prioritize only serious or high-profile crimes, leaving many cases unsolved.

Leverages the Power of the Enterprise AI platform, aiWARE

Built upon Veritone’s proven AI platform, aiWARE, IDentify empowers law enforcement agencies to substantially increase operational effectiveness by streamlining investigative workflows and identifying suspects faster than ever before. Each day, thousands of law enforcement personnel rely upon the enterprise-scale AI capabilities of aiWARE-based applications to accelerate investigations, protect personally identifiable information, and keep our communities safe.



  • Search

    Automatically compare perpetrators that appear in video and photographic evidence against your booking database of known offenders.

  • Filter

    Further filter down potential matches found in existing arrest records by key identifiers stored in your booking database such as gender, age, height, hair color, eye color, ethnicity.

  • Aggregate

    Produce virtual “six pack” line-ups of potential suspects for further evaluation and investigation.

  • Collaborate

    Share suspect lists with intra- and inter-agency colleagues along with booking information including photo, name, last known address, and more.

  • Consolidate

    Consolidate suspect information in a centralized and secure web-based platform including the appearance in evidence, booking photo(s) and data, last known address and more.

  • Organize

    Organize evidence by case including case details such as ID, department, officer(s), description, location, time and notes accessible


See how IDentify automatically compares your known-offender and person-of-interest records with video and photographic evidence, enabling you to quickly identify potential suspects for further investigation.

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What Users Say

Without Veritone IDentify, Orange County agency crime analysts and investigators spend long hours sifting through arrest records, asking their colleagues, or polling the public to identify their person of interest, leaving limited time to focus on solving the crimes at hand. Veritone IDentify is a boon for law enforcement efficacy, as it makes suspect identification in video evidence much easier and faster. The much-needed time and money savings mean our local officers will have more resources to dedicate to solving more cases.
Mike James
Executive Director
Integrated Law and Justice Agency of Orange County

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