Veritone Named a 2024 Govies Gold Winner in Artificial Intelligence for the Second Year in a Row

The proliferation of smartphones, social media platforms, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices has resulted in an overwhelming volume of available data and digital evidence in investigations. As a result, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and legal professionals face the daunting task of managing and analyzing vast quantities of digital evidence while also maintaining compliance, sharing evidence with their peers and other agencies, enhancing the investigative review process, and reducing their backlog of FOIA requests.

Many agencies and legal professionals have turned to digital evidence management systems (DEMS) to help them improve how they handle digital evidence, however, most operate without additional intelligence to yield greater insights from vast amounts of data.

Veritone iDEMS (Intelligent Digital Evidence Management System) is a modern central evidence hub enhanced by artificial intelligence that enables LEAs and legal professionals to efficiently operate their evidence management practices using AI to quickly access, search, organize, manage, and share digital evidence.

Veritone iDEMS applies AI to generate actionable intelligence in the form of data, increasing visibility and allowing agencies to conveniently manage all of their evidence in one place. With Veritone iDEMS, users can access AI workflows that automate evidence management practices so investigators can locate what they need in seconds.

Built on Veritone aiWARE, an enterprise-grade AI platform hosted in an AWS CJIS-compliant cloud environment, Veritone iDEMS provides access to AI engines that automate and accelerate the evidence management and review process. As the central hub for digital files, public safety and judicial agencies can benefit from Veritone iDEMS interoperability capabilities allowing them to do more with their evidence, including the ability to:

  • Easily switch to other Veritone applications, including Veritone Redact, Illuminate, Tracker, and IDentify
  • Transcribe and translate audio and video evidence
  • Automate redaction processes
  • Track persons of interest across files
  • Find persons of interest from an arrest records database
  • Catalog and tag unstructured data within evidence files

Veritone iDEMS provides metadata enrichment that leverages AI technology to instantly tag agencies’ unstructured forensic evidence with metadata encouraging faster and more accurate keyword searches, and ultimately, accelerating the discovery of crucial evidence. Users can also harness their evidence workflow to automate ingestion and tagging and use permission settings to control time limits on shared assets to improve evidence oversight and security. 

Scalable evidence management capabilities make it easy for users to manage, organize, share, and distribute different file formats on the secure, CJIS-compliant AWS Cloud. Veritone iDEMS users will have access to an ecosystem of hundreds of AI engines—such as Transcription, Facial Recognition, Object Detection, Text Recognition (OCR), and License Plate Reader—unlocking unrealized capabilities to make agencies’ evidence management practices work for them rather than against them.

Extensive features, technical advancements, and innovative design combined with a unique ability to meet a growing market opportunity for intelligent, streamlined digital evidence management processes made Veritone iDEMS an ideal choice for the Gold Winner of the 2024 Govies Government Security Award in the Artificial Intelligence category.

This marks the second consecutive year that Veritone was named a winner in the category: in 2023, Veritone was a Gold Winner in the Artificial Intelligence category for the Veritone Suite of AI-Driven Solutions (Tracker, Redact, Illuminate, Contact, and IDentify), as well as a Platinum Winner in the Compliance Acceleration Solutions category for Veritone Contact.

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