aiWARE Benefits

The Platform for Enterprise AI

The Veritone aiWARE platform for Enterprise AI provides real-time input adapters, hundreds of AI engines across over 20 cognitive categories, an intelligent data lake, APIs, workflow tools, and industry applications to help developers and app users successfully transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence.

80% of the world's data is unstructured

** Source:  Gartner 2020 Strategic Roadmap for Storage, July 1, 2020

Unreachable Data

Over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and growing 30-60% per year according to Gartner. You, like many other organizations, have a business-critical need to extract information and insight from hard-to-reach data sources such as video, audio, images, and text. For example, AI can help you answer questions like:

  • When does the face or object appear?
  • When is a keyword said, and who is speaking?
  • How does the customer feel?

Manually reviewing large volumes of this type of data is costly, inefficient, and simply unrealistic. AI is the answer, but it usually takes a  significant time, money, and resource investment to build and deploy bespoke AI models with different vendor APIs. Furthermore, those projects that see the light of production frequently suffer from scalability challenges, model drift, and model changes or discontinuations.

What you need is a unified AI platform that rapidly automates the discovery of hard-to-reach data, integrates results with applications, and enables ongoing model monitoring at scale—all without requiring custom model development, AI expertise, or single-model dependency.

Automate Data Insight

With aiWARE and the Veritone AI solutions team and partner network, you can rapidly operationalize insight-generating AI models and infuse resulting data with their applications and business processes. MLOps, ModelOps, ML, and data science teams work with Veritone to easily train, evaluate, integrate, deploy, scale, and monitor AI models to automate data insight for any departmental need.

Operationalize AI with a single platform

Expedite time to data insight with pre-trained, ready-to-deploy AI models

Overcome model-lock with a universal interface across hundreds of best-of-breed, AI models from leading vendors

Employ data insights across AI models with a time-correlated, multivariate search-enabled intelligent data lake

Autoscale for production to thousands of simultaneous model instances across data types performing in near-real-time.

Ensure optimal AI model performance by evaluating, comparing, and monitoring performance and drift across AI models for your data set, pre- and post-production.

Infuse AI across enterprise applications

Streamline business processes by adding vision, speech, text, and data extraction steps to RPA tasks and BPA processes

Run analytics on 100% of your data by prepping, combining, and visualizing data from both unstructured (vision, speech, text) and structured sources

Broaden your data warehouse universe to 100% of your data by querying from both unstructured (vision, speech, text) and structured sources

Utilize AI with custom solutions

Collect conversational intelligence on customer and internal interactions across any channel to boost operational efficiencies and competitiveness

Improve contact center efficiency and increase customer satisfaction with contact center AI that delivers voice-activated caller ID, next best action recommendations, automated call summaries, and automated call QA

Acquire the data insights needed to meet business goals with industry-focused business applications and custom-built AI-powered solutions from Veritone services or an authorized partner

aiWARE Delivers Benefits To:

Data Science and ML Developers
accelerate your AI project by leveraging an AI model ecosystem of pre-trained and trainable models for vision, speech, and text, or rapidly deploy your own models
MLOps and ModelOps Leaders
successfully operationalize your AI projects with a single AI platform to train, evaluate, integrate, deploy, scale, and monitor AI models and workflows
IT Leaders
get control and governance over your AI models with a single platform while delivering value to the business

Lines of Business Leaders
Give your department the insight they need to make better business decisions faster around their content
Digital Transformation Leaders
Digitalize operational processes to meet cost and profitability goals and gain competitive advantage

Use Cases

Run in-depth claims analysis of call, image, and video evidence to detect policy risk and fraud, leveraging behavioral patterns and transaction histories.
Learn Moreabout Insurance
Financial Services
Perform fraud detection, investment research, sentiment analysis, risk mitigation, reputation management, compliance management, customer due diligence, rich real-time data extraction and analytics from text, voice, video and images, branch traffic and activity using video analysis, and investment analysis.
Learn Moreabout Financial Services
Generate insight from unstructured clinical data, pattern and image recognition,summarization and categorization, text and speech analytics, predictive risk analytics, reporting, and visualization.
Learn Moreabout Healthcare
Transform video-based product feedback, demand sensing, theft detection, and video insight and analysis of customer and employee traffic patterns.
Learn Moreabout Retailers
Call Center Automation
Automate contact customer case handling, increase support staff efficiency, reduce cost and resolution time, and improve the customer support experience. Instantly transcribe, translate and voice-recognize customer calls, classify requests, gauge sentiment and intent, and route appropriately. Add AI to your contact center workflows and experience happier employees and more satisfied customers.
Learn Moreabout Call Center Automation
federal government
Federal Government
Assist our warfighters with on-person AI feedback to expedite situational awareness and informed decision-making, fueled by real-time intelligence fused from thousands of sensors on vehicles, drones, personnel and other locations.
Learn Moreabout Federal Government
State & Local Government
Extract valuable insights from large quantities of smart city sensors, including street and municipal vehicle cameras, traffic and roadway sensors, green building and environmental sensors and more
Learn Moreabout State & Local Government
law enforcement
Law Enforcement
Improve transparency of law enforcement actions through the real-time analysis of officer and witness video evidence, including the automatic identification of potential officer misconduct. Expedite suspect identification with real-time matching of records in regional known offender databases and redact PII from video and audio evidence
Learn Moreabout Law Enforcement
Optimize energy dispatch in real time and dynamically synchronize and control distributed energy resources such as solar, wind and battery power, down to the device level.
Learn Moreabout Energy
media and entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Automatically produce new, synthetic content from massive volumes of existing back catalog and other previously produced content.
Learn Moreabout Media & Entertainment
Industrial & Manufacturing
Perform high-volume industrial inspection to efficiently manage the flow of products through fulfillment, distribution, and receiving areas.
oil and gas
Oil and Gas Companies
Analyze satellite video and images to make more informed exploration decisions for drilling and bidding

Why aiWARE?

  • Fast to Market

    Ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed, ready-to-deploy AI engines

  • future proof icon
    Future Proof

    Single development interface for your apps, across AI engine vendors

  • Accessible

    Low-code workflows for data ingestion, AI enrichment, and infusion of results into applications

  • engine library icon

    Real-time, robust management interface for infrastructure, models, jobs and users, for comprehensive Model Ops

  • Scalable

    Scalable to handle massive amounts of video, audio, data in near real time

  • OS for AI

    Abstracted interface between AI applications and the components they depend upon

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audacy logo
Audacy programming is being ingested and recorded in real-time by Veritone and is indexed, organized, and analysed to satisfy the rapidly multiplying demands for actionable media intelligence from brands, businesses and advertisers. What changed is the ability for Audacy to rapidly visualize and correlate advertising efficacy in ways previously unavailable.
AI has the power to bring unprecedented efficiencies to all aspects of government, including the potential to revolutionize law enforcement today. This collaboration between Veritone and Microsoft on our Azure Government cloud platform enables government customers to tap into the latest innovations in AI as well as future applications.
Kirk Arthur
Sr. Director, Worldwide Public Safety & Justice
[…] we had to find new ways to access our massive archives, turn thousands of hours of footage into searchable content, and accelerate our delivery workflows. Veritone [aiWARE] provides us with an end-to-end solution that allows us to do exactly that — and without major systems revamp or resource requirements on our end.
Paul Hodges
Vice President
San Francisco Giants Productions
Veritone is intrinsic to this entire venture, not just for the brilliant MAM capabilities of Veritone Core, but also because we have access to (Veritone) aiWARE. It means we have a powerful toolkit to tap into and build clever AI workflows for managing inbound streams and outputting content with cognitively enriched metadata, which significantly assists in the rapid discovery and monetization of content.
Ben Foakes
Managing Director
BASE Media Cloud
By adding aiWARE to our platform, we’re empowering buyers to target ads to consumers based on the content of the episode they’re listening to. Listeners appreciate contextual and relevant ads — and that means they pay more attention to them.
Lex Friedman
Chief Revenue Officer
As law enforcement agencies are under increasing scrutiny, we welcome more transparency. We want to be able to share relevant videos proactively with the public, particularly those from body cams. To make this happen, we needed sophisticated redaction software. Veritone quickly emerged as the right partner –– its Redact solution checked all of our boxes for security, including CJIS compliance and the stability of Microsoft Azure’s cloud. It’s also saving us taxpayer dollars, resources and time.
David Jantas
Chief of Police
Pemberton Township Police Department

Integration Partners

Veritone has integrated its aiWARE Enterprise AI Platform with industry leading enterprise software providers, including data analytics, media asset management, and marketing attribution systems, to infuse AI into these systems and extract insight and intelligence from unstructured data.


Experience the power of hundreds of AI engines across 20+ cognitive categories.