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The healthcare industry faces the challenge of lowering costs while at the same time improving patient care. With intelligent solutions powered by AI, clinical, operational, and financial decisions can be made faster and with reduced risk. By automating the analysis of millions of data sets, the industry as whole can start reducing their day-to-day costs while improving how they operate and treat patients.

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Unlock Your Unstructured Medical Data

More medical information exists today than ever before, and it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare roles and patient outcomes.

Extracting value from unstructured data is one of the biggest challenges we’ve seen in the healthcare industry. Historically, you had to process data and make sense of it manually. This manual work is costly, slow, and error-prone, negatively impacting the quality of care that can be delivered at a reduced cost.

Veritone AI for Health Care

Veritone provides custom AI solutions to help you tackle the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. Working with you, Veritone can build a custom enterprise-scale AI solution or bespoke applications that makes it easier for you to extract all of the data needed to improve patient outcomes.

Use Cases

  • Medical Workforce Optimization

    Unstructured data in the healthcare industry presents a tremendous untapped potential to optimize the day-to-day responsibilities of medical workforces. Nearly 80 percent of all healthcare data is unstructured and still largely untapped. This often-overlooked data provides more context around the patient which helps staff connect the dots to gain a more accurate picture of patient health, improve diagnostics, accelerate research, and inform decision making. 

  • Patient Engagement

    Data and insights are the basis for improved care. With artificial intelligence, you can customize treatment per patient using the vast stores of voice and text information hidden in clinical documents and patient records. With this information, you can engage with patients more effectively based on their unique needs and determine the best treatments to drive positive patient outcomes.

  • Clinical Data Insight

    Gain an understanding of all your data including structured and unstructured with AI-enabled analysis that you can generate and visualize with reporting to drive efficiency and better patient outcomes. 

  • Data Enlightenment for Bio-Pharma

    Optimize your organization’s data strategy to unlock insights that can help you improve clinical trial quality and accelerate the path to drug discovery.

At Veritone, we can build custom healthcare  solutions to meet your specific needs.

How can we help you drive better healthcare outcomes?

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