Veritone aiWARE for Snowflake

Snowflake customers, leverage cloud-based, ready-to-deploy AI models to extract value from the 80% of data that is unstructured—including voice, video, image, text, and sensor data—within the Snowflake data warehouse environment.

Veritone’s aiWARE™ Enterprise AI platform and the Automate Studio low-code workflow tool integrated with Snowflake helps you efficiently manage both tabular and unstructured data and leverage this data in near-real-time, event-driven processes. aiWARE’s cloud-based, scalable architecture delivers insight across massive enterprise data sets, helping you drive informed and autonomous decision making throughout your organization.

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Unstructured Data Warehousing, In Near-Real-Time, At Scale

Over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and growing 30-60% per year according to Gartner. Data analysts need a way to quickly and easily extract data from video, images, audio, text, and sensor data streams, then analyze for greater insight and improved business outcomes.

The combination of Snowflake and Veritone gives the user visibility into 100% of the data in their organization – structured and unstructured – enabling Snowflake users to query and analyze all data within the Snowflake experience. Snowflake users can get access to hard-to-reach data that is typically inaccessible without human intervention, producing richer insights and unlocking value across a multitude of verticals.


Unstructured Data Warehousing, In Near-Real-Time, At Scale

With Veritone’s aiWARE tools for ingesting data, running AI jobs and returning results, Snowflake users can harness the power of the aiWARE Enterprise AI platform. aiWARE makes available hundreds of ready-to-deploy AI engines and allows for rapid AI-enabled data discovery. Now the power of AI to produce unstructured data insight is available to every Snowflake user.

With Snowflake’s native support of semi-structured JSON data, and the aiWARE AI Object Notation (AION) standard, customers have a fluid path to analyze tabular and unstructured data within the Snowflake data warehousing environment.

Veritone aiWARE for Snowflake delivers benefits to:


Snowflake Customers

Manage both structured and unstructured data types, including video, images, audio, sensor data, and text, and drive near-real-time, event-driven processes at scale.

Snowflake System Integrators

Manage historical and real-time process data across all data types – structured and unstructured – and use this data to drive near-real-time, event-driven decisioning at scale.

Many Layers of Value with aiWARE for Snowflake

Snowflake customers can take advantage of the aiWARE Enterprise AI platform to:

  1. Expand data visibility and analysis to 100% of an organization’s data by easily accessing AI engines integrated within the Snowflake user experience
  2. Extend AI across the enterprise with real-time, scalable, event-driven processes, and take immediate action on AI-generated analytical insights
  1. Fuel use of Veritone vertical industry applications that allow any business user to leverage and harness the power of AI to gain measurable and immediate results from any data source, at scale.

Discuss your unstructured data warehouse requirements with a Veritone expert.

Custom AI workflows 

  • Use Veritone Automate Studio to develop your own custom AI workflows
  • Drive real-time processes and take action on analytical insights
  • Streaming, event-driven data sets (weather data, stock data, etc.)
  • Call any engine, and multiple engines
  • Send time-stamped data insights to human for review and edit
  • Custom engines and training data sets
aiWARE stack

aiWARE Enterprise AI Platform 

  • API access to entire ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed, ready-to-deploy AI engines
  • Included applications for library management and content management
  • Add-on applications available for law enforcement, media and entertainment, government, legal and compliance use cases

Use Cases

BI analysts, data engineers, and ML Ops can utilize aiWARE for Snowflake for AI-powered video, image, audio, text, and sensor data extraction across a number of industries, including:

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