Veritone aiWARE
for OpenTextTM Axcelerate

Artificial Intelligence Cognitively Enriches ESI in OpenText Axcelerate

aiWARE for OpenText Axcelerate allows for the translation of documents directly within Axcelerate, streamlining the document review process, reducing costs, and standardizing interpretations defensibly.

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Legal law Firms
Global litigation and commerce is multilingual; but reviewing those documents for eDiscovery, compliance, or investigation purposes is cumbersome and time consuming. Non-English documents must be isolated and batched out to specially retained native speaking document reviewers at a massive cost. This slows down the review and analysis process and injects uncertainty into the equation. With aiWARE for OpenText Axcelerate, leverage the power of AI to help you rapidly translate native to English documents in case critical evidence all within the Axcelerate eDiscovery platform.
Judicial Agencies
Case teams can quickly translate native language to English language text-based evidence all within Axcelerate. As a result of automating this translation process with a consistent, machine-powered translation engine, the eDiscovery workflow becomes more efficient allowing case teams to meet tight deadlines, reduce associated costs and standardize interpretations defensibly.


Text-to-Text Translation

aiWARE for OpenText Axcelerate allows you to translate any ESI document (e.g. email, PDF, and Microsoft Word) with extracted text in 29 different languages.  Whether you need your text translated from Chinese to English or Russian to English, aiWARE for OpenText Axcelerate AI-powered translation provides an easy and convenient native to English translation solution during the eDiscovery process.

  • Versatile – Supported languages include: French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Farsi, Arabic, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, Hebrew, Thai, and more.
  • Secure – Only extract text; native files stay within client environment
  • Seamless – Manage translation jobs directly inside of Axcelerate
  • Efficient – Speed up workflows by reviewing files directly in Axcelerate


For a list of the most up-to-date supported languages Click Here

OpenText’s Axcelerate Text-to-Text Translation Solution Powered by Veritone’s aiWARE™

Are you an OpenText Axcelerate user?

Did you know that OpenText Axcelerate’s latest software upgrade (Release16 EP7) now supports automated translations powered by Veritone aiWARE?

Veritone’s Daniel Wong and OpenText’s Adam Kuhn, Principal Solutions Consultant, demonstrate and discuss the benefits of this new feature within Axcelerate.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how this text-to-text translation solution is:

Versatile: Automate best-in-class translation supporting 29 languages
Simple: Seamlessly manage translation jobs directly inside of Axcelerate
Secure: Only extract text; native files stay within client environment
Efficient: Speed up workflows by reviewing files directly in Axcelerate


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