Veritone Controller

Dynamic device control and synchronization

Intelligently control and actively synchronize energy edge devices with each other and the grid to optimally satisfy demand and increase grid reliability and device longevity.

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Energy Device Control for a Changing Industry

Description: We are witnessing the decarbonization, democratization, decentralization and digitization of the energy industry, and with it unpredictable and less reliable green energy sources, new forms of energy storage, and energy supply and demand imbalances that impact customer satisfaction and company profitability.
Veritone harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize today’s energy ecosystems through proprietary, intelligent, real-time energy device control, helping you deliver the right type and amount of clean energy to the right device, at the right time and the right price.

Intelligently control the dispatch of energy to devices

Veritone Controller uses AI-based energy forecasting and supply optimization techniques to intelligently control and actively synchronize energy edge devices with each other and the grid to optimally satisfy demand and increase grid reliability and device longevity.

Reliably dispatch energy between DER devices even during abrupt demand spikes, ensuring proper voltage, frequency and phase matching at all times. Devices can perform autonomous decision making to meet local demand as well as broader microgrid demand as conditions change. Device controllers are dynamically synchronized with each other and the grid in real time to optimize power quality and distribution.


  • Real Time State Updates and Learning

    Hamiltonian-based device models utilize real-time model state updates for each device, with adaptive learning applied to these models as the device state changes with grid conditions.

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    Customizable Rules Support

    Controller uses hard, soft and absolute rules to provide optimal performance under required constraints. Rules include device parameters, pricing, transmission protocols, industry regulations such as NERC/FERC, and utility and network rules.

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    Auto Grid Matching

    Controller synchronization algorithms ensure dispatched power matches grid parameters (voltage, frequency, wave form), by continuously synchronizing each device under control with one another and the grid.

  • Complex, Real Time Decision Making

    Veritone’s patented Cooperative Distributed Inference (CDI) technology performs complex, real time decision making around forecasting, optimization and device control. CDI is capable of handling vast amounts of heterogeneous and distributed information containing millions of variables and hundreds of thousands of constraints. CDI also learns over time, blending adaptive learning with business rules composition.

What Users Say

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Veritone's predictive AI technology brings much-needed optimization and efficiency to the energy grid, helping reduce energy consumption and provide greater stability. Veritone's ability to leverage massive amounts of historical and real-time data to effectively balance energy supply and demand, with automated synchronization of grid assets for maximum reliability, is a real game changer in the energy industry.
John Zangardi
President of Redhorse Corporation,
a leading U.S. government services provider
The power of Veritone’s cutting edge AI solutions allows utilities to rapidly integrate new sources of energy with the confidence of knowing their infrastructure is optimized for cost, reliability, and longevity.
Larry Cochrane
Microsoft Azure Energy

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