ccelerate Your Workflows & Business Processes

Working Remotely? AI Can Help Accelerate Your Workflows & Business Processes

Veritone is committed to helping its current and future media & entertainment customers to not only maintain business continuity but actively enhance operations during this challenging time and announces free access to its flagship applications for 60 days.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has adversely impacted many communities and businesses across the globe. In an effort to not further spread the disease and in consideration of employees’ and their families’ health and well-being, many organizations have asked their employees to work remotely. And the number is increasing daily. What is unsettling to all of us, is that we don’t know for how long we’ll all have to manage through this difficult situation. 

However, what is often the case in this kind of situation, is that creativity and the ability to proactively problem-solve, lead to unexpected outcomes that, in the end, may benefit the organization beyond the crisis. You may ask yourself the following questions. And be assured, we at Veritone have the same questions that we need to address.

  • How do I keep the business running? 
  • How do I enable my workforce to work remotely?
  • How does my team stay productive? 
  • How can we communicate and collaborate efficiently?
  • How effective are the current tools we have in place? 
  • How can we continue to deliver results for our advertisers?

We know that our software solutions are just one piece in a large operation, however, they can have a significant positive impact on your resources, save time and costs as well as bring seamless, connected workflows to your organization. Our solutions are fully cloud-based, which means that they can be accessed by your staff and leveraged from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet access. Our applications — Veritone Essentials, Attribute, and Digital Media Hub — are designed specifically for media & entertainment clients in radio, TV, film, sports, and podcasting and with ease-of-use, data and content sharing in mind. They enable any workforce (whether in the office or remote) with powerful tools that accelerate workflows and facilitate collaboration.


Powering Applications for the Media & Entertainment Industry

At the core, Veritone’s AI operating system, aiWARE, turns media streams into indexed and searchable data in near real-time. 

With Veritone Essentials, broadcasters can easily track campaigns based on keywords and copy elements, such as brand names or talent; generate and share air-checks, and create campaign recaps, all completely remotely while saving time and valuable resources.   

Veritone Attribute gives broadcasters the ability to correlate ads (including pre-recorded, live, and in-program executions) with the advertiser’s website traffic. This award-winning application arms sales teams with comprehensive performance insights to share with their ad clients and help them optimize campaigns, nurture client relationships, and ultimately secure more share of ad spend.

Veritone Digital Media Hub is an intelligent media asset management portal designed for content owners in sports, film, TV, news, and other media enterprises. With its simple interface, users can immediately search, manage, share, and monetize indexed content. It offers advanced, multivariate search, media streams and content assets discovery and management and can be integrated with existing MAMs/DAMs to enhance workflows.

Above all, we care about our customers and the larger M&E community and will open up our platform and make our applications available for free to new customers for 60 days to support the industry during this difficult time.*

We believe that now more than ever, media & entertainment will play a crucial role in all of our lives as we rely on it to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, educated, and also entertained while daily life is becoming significantly restricted and challenging.

Get in touch with us today to discuss opportunities for Veritone to provide assistance and help you overcome obstacles your remote teams may experience.

*During the 60-day period, base license fees will be waived, and we will provide a pool of natural language processing (NLP) hours, data storage and/or data transfer amounts (as applicable for each application) without charge. Certain limitations apply.  Contact us for additional details. Offering is subject to change without notice.