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Veritone’s aiWARE-powered solutions rapidly extract actionable intelligence from large amounts of video, photos, audio and documents used in investigations, surveillance, and criminal justice. From turnkey applications automating evidence redaction and accelerating suspect identification to custom AI-enabled solutions, Veritone helps advance public safety.

Cloud Agnostic. FedRAMP Authorized. Supports CJIS compliance.


Fast collection of stop data to support California AB 953 RIPA
Quickly and accurately collect perceived demographic and other detailed data regarding pedestrian and traffic stops as required by California AB 953 — Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA).
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Easily Train Your Own Custom AI Engines
With the Veritone aiWARE full stack, flexible architecture, developers can choose a unique mix of proprietary data sets, cognitive engines, and business logic to deliver fast-to-market, AI-enabled solutions unique to your use case. And for those situations when you need your own bespoke engine, you can also deploy your own cognitive engines trained on your data sets to meet your specific mission requirements.
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Customize Your End-To-End AI Solution
Easily build your own intelligent applications on top of aiWARE. Ingest different data sets from virtually any source, surface insights through the use of hundreds of AI engines. Low-code developer tools and APIs, and a flexible deployment architecture uniquely enable intelligent end-to-end workflows supporting contemporary cloud-native applications, IoT devices as well as legacy systems.
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Discover Media Evidence Within Your eDiscovery Platform
aiWARE enables the review and analysis of unstructured electronically stored information (ESI), including dash camera, body camera, CCTV, interview room, and other audio/video evidence assets within leading eDiscovery platforms, including Relativity, RelativityOne and OpenText Axcelerate. Search transcripts for keywords relevant to your case, and review more evidence faster.

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Interrogate Large Volumes of Evidentiary Media
The aiWARE-powered application Veritone Illuminate enables investigative teams to cost-effectively search, analyze, and explore large amounts of video recordings, audio data, such as jail calls and interview room conversations, and text-based evidence while maintaining original document formats.

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Automated Video & Audio Evidence Redaction
Powered by aiWARE’s head detection and transcription engines, Veritone Redact is a turnkey software application that automates the redaction of video, still image, and audio evidence. Redact works with all commonly used cameras, video and audio formats and is hosted in AWS GovCloud or Microsoft Azure Government, and supports CJIS compliance requirements.
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Identify Suspect Leads Faster & Accelerate Case Clearance
Veritone IDentify is an easy to use software application leveraging the power of aiWARE to automatically compare video and photographic evidence with known-offender and person-of-interest databases. It enables agencies to identify suspect leads quickly and accelerates case clearance while adhering to privacy laws. Hosting options include AWS GovCloud or Azure Government.
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Customer Spotlight:

Transparency & Trust Report

What happens when you turn down the volume and really listen to Americans’ trust in, beliefs about, attitudes toward and expectations of police? We asked 3,000 Americans a wide-ranging set of questions about policing locally and nationally and found the results encouraging. The public is demanding more transparency than ever — and our perspective allows us to see that technology is finally mature enough to make this transparency not only possible but scalable.

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Showcasing technology and stories of how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate today and prepare for the future.
28 mins

Key Trends in Technology Used to Increase Constituent Transparency in Law Enforcement

Today we will be discussing Key Trends in Technology Used to Increase Constituent TransparencyIn...

What Users Say

Escondido PD Patch
Veritone Contact provides our officers with a simplified way to collect required observational data, and ensures we comply with the latest legislation. The technology helps us redirect countless hours of valuable time and resources to continue our most important job of maintaining public safety.
Justin Murphy
Escondido Police Department
Lakemoor Police Department
Keeping our community safe, while earning their trust through our actions is of paramount concern for me and the whole department. One of the methods we employ in our transparency efforts is the timely release of video evidence. We don’t want to delay the public’s right to information just because we have video evidence that requires a large amount of PII redaction. That is why we have depended upon Veritone Redact to help expedite these requests and maintain the trust we have earned.
David Godlewski
Police Chief
Lakemoor (Illinois) Police Department
Eureka Police Department
Shortly after we introduced our BWC program, we needed to respond to a public records request for some of the footage. It took our digital evidence technician eight hours to manually redact, frame-by-frame, PII of innocent bystanders in the footage. And that was just a 10 minute video clip. As a small agency, we don’t have the resources to dedicate to this very laborious, but important work. Thankfully, we were introduced to Veritone and the amount of time we have subsequently saved by using their automated redaction software is incalculable.
Amanda O’Neill
Records Manager
Eureka Police Department
AI has the power to bring unprecedented efficiencies to all aspects of government, including the potential to revolutionize law enforcement today. This collaboration between Veritone and Microsoft on our Azure Government cloud platform enables government customers to tap into the latest innovations in AI as well as future applications.
Kirk Arthur
Sr. Director, Worldwide Public Safety & Justice
Without Veritone IDentify, Orange County agency crime analysts and investigators spend long hours sifting through arrest records, asking their colleagues, or polling the public to identify their person of interest, leaving limited time to focus on solving the crimes at hand. Veritone IDentify is a boon for law enforcement efficacy, as it makes suspect identification in video evidence much easier and faster. The much-needed time and money savings mean our local officers will have more resources to dedicate to solving more cases.
Mike James
Executive Director
Integrated Law and Justice Agency of Orange County
As law enforcement agencies are under increasing scrutiny, we welcome more transparency. We want to be able to share relevant videos proactively with the public, particularly those from body cams. To make this happen, we needed sophisticated redaction software. Veritone quickly emerged as the right partner –– its Redact solution checked all of our boxes for security, including CJIS compliance and the stability of Microsoft Azure’s cloud. It’s also saving us taxpayer dollars, resources and time.
David Jantas
Chief of Police
Pemberton Township Police Department


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