The Flexible, Future-Proof Operating System for AI

The volume and complexity of data being collected is exploding at an accelerating rate, making traditional data-processing methods inadequate to handle the onslaught. To gain insight out of chaos, organizations are turning to artificial intelligence solutions like aiWARE.

aiWARE lets every person and every organization do more through the power of AI. Our operating system for AI solves critical and often systemic issues by leveraging an advanced yet extensible AI ecosystem.

Why AI

AI Helps You Do More

From the face identification capabilities of your newest smartphone to the virtual assistant sitting at home on your coffee table, AI technology is performing an increasing range of tasks for us, making us more efficient. Think of artificial intelligence as an extension of your own cognitive abilities. It performs many of the same, if not more, functions as the human brain — such as recognizing a face or translating speech — using far less time and resources. Put simply, AI augments human capabilities by automatically performing basic or repetitive tasks faster and more scalably than humans, empowering you to spend your time on higher value activities.


The Data Challenge


Of data is created each year

< 0.5% OF DATA

Gets analyzed for organizational decision-making

16.1 Zettabytes of data are created each year
Less than 0.5% of data gets analyzed for organizational decision making

Make AI Work for You

With Veritone aiWARE, you get access to industry-specific, AI-powered solutions that help you make the best decisions for your business. Our operating system for artificial intelligence unlocks the power of cognitive computing to automatically generate actionable insights from your audio, video and other data sources — insights that were previously inaccessible to your organization.

The Operating System for Artificial Intelligence

A computer’s operating system connects a processor, peripherals and applications so they can communicate, working together to display what you see on your screen and respond to your commands. An AI operating system works in a similar fashion. It provides a common software infrastructure that lets you use end-to-end, AI-powered solutions — from data ingestion to intelligent data analysis — in either general or industry-specific applications. With thousands of limited cognitive engines on the market, you need an operating system to manage and orchestrate them all, so you can use them with general or industry-specific applications to solve real-world challenges.

The Benefits of An Operating System for AI

For Business Users An operating system for AI makes it possible to quickly and accurately analyze massive amounts of diverse information — audio, video and text — from multiple sources and formats in a faster, more scalable and more cost-effective way than humans can. For IT Decision Makers With the pace of technological development, implementing any single technology is perilous because it eventually becomes outdated. Most single point solutions also can not be expanded to add additional applications or cognitive capabilities.  Our operating system for AI combats that problem by allowing you to add best-in-class applications and cognitive engines from our broad and constantly growing ecosystem, essentially future-proofing your technology investment.

A Breadth of Capabilities

Around the globe, more than 10,000 unique cognitive engines comprise the fabric of AI, and they are being developed by a wide range of companies, from startups to technology titans. At Veritone, we believe in the wisdom of the crowd. That’s why we built a machine learning ecosystem comprised of third-party and native cognitive engines to achieve the breadth of capabilities and depth of specialization needed in AI applications to meet virtually any use case you might have. With an eye toward innovation, Veritone continuously monitors the cognitive engines available in the market and also provides machine learning toolkits for custom engine development. With this approach, you gain timely access to the latest AI advances in an easy, unified offering, essentially future-proofing your technology investment. Today, our developer ecosystem supports over 30 different cognitive capabilities and counting within the speech, text, vision, biometrics, audio, data and transformation cognitive classes.

Hundreds of AI Engines to Meet Your Use Case


When applied to human language, AI locates, captures, identifies and categorizes the spoken word quickly, extracting insights previously hidden in unstructured files.

Discover how aiWARE’s speech processing cognitive engines automate transcription, language identification, speaker separation and keyword spotting capabilities for your audio and video content.



AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides advanced text analysis that enables systematic functions such as recognizing the emotion behind an author’s words or transforming words into a dialect someone in another region can understand.

Learn how the Veritone ecosystem’s cognitive engines perform translation, text-to-speech, named-entity recognition, summarization, content classification, language identification and sentiment automation for your written text files.



Image-processing machine learning algorithms identify, extract details from and segment your pictures and videos, so you can gain insight from your imagery.

Find out how our ecosystem of cognitive engines lets you employ object detection, object recognition, visual moderation, optical character recognition and scene break detection for your visual media.



Biometrics analyzes the unique physical identifiers that make people who they are. AI harnesses this technology to detect faces or identify specific people within photographs and video. When provided a library of known individuals, cognitive engines can learn to pick out most instances of a celebrity, known offender, employee or more within visual content.

Discover how Veritone’s ecosystem of cognitive engines provide face detection and face recognition capabilities for your image-based media and evidence.



Much like the human brain learns to detect and recognize meaningful patterns in sounds, artificial intelligence can capture audio signatures in order to detect future occurrences. These signatures or fingerprints are a compact representation of music, environmental sound, advertisements, all of which can be differentiated from other noise.

Learn how our ecosystem of cognitive engines performs audio fingerprinting on your audio files.



Extracting actionable information from large data sets requires complex and time-consuming analytics. aiWARE offers cognitive data-analytics engines to uncover both location and correlated data insights.

Explore how Veritone’s ecosystem of cognitive engines conduct geolocation and correlation for your varying data types.



Data can be structured, unstructured, audio or visual. Yet, due to the lack of harmony among different datasets, the data often must be transformed to create synergy or eliminate certain elements before you can use it.

Learn how our ecosystem maps complex information and data with orchestration, visual redaction and transcoding to create heterogeneous datasets you can use.


And More

With built-in flexibility like a traditional operating system, aiWARE enables Veritone, third-party machine-learning providers and customers to add new cognitive engines to the ecosystem continuously. This ongoing expansion means you’ll always be connected to the latest AI capabilities, supporting new use cases and future-proofing your AI technology investment.

Harnessing the Wisdom of the Crowd

With Veritone aiWARE, you gain access to the best cognitive engines in the market to deliver high-quality, actionable intelligence from your datasets. If you’re seeking even greater efficiency and accuracy for complex challenges, then you can rely on our proprietary technology, Veritone Conductor™, to utilize the best engine or series of engines from our extensive ecosystem when processing your data. Veritone Conductor works today to improve performance, cost and speed when utilizing transcription engines, with support of additional cognitive capabilities coming soon.

Portable AI-Powered Solutions

No matter your organizational, security or technical needs, aiWARE offers portability for flexible implementation and storage options: cloud, on-premise, and hybrid.


Enjoy access to aiWARE anywhere, anytime. It is readily available for Amazon Web Services Commercial and GovCloud deployments, and extensible to private and additional public cloud environments for optimal flexibility.


To meet geographic and compliance security requirements, you can deploy a limited version of aiWARE in your computing environment. You’ll have access to an ecosystem of network-isolated cognitive engines to process your data and return cognitive metadata to your systems locally to use with your applications.


Our flexible hybrid deployment model offers the best of both worlds, ingesting and processing data locally with only pre-processed metadata sent to the cloud, allowing you to leverage the full aiWARE platform while keeping your data behind your firewall.

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Limitations of an Individual Engine

No single cognitive engine can provide all the insights you need to determine the best course of action. In order to produce the most accurate, effective results, an engine must be trained to learn to perform a narrowly defined set of tasks. Or said another way, the engine needs to know a lot about a little.

With aiWARE, you have access to an ever-growing number of diverse, narrowly focused engines that can be orchestrated together to produce the best possible outcome, striking the perfect balance between breadth and depth of capabilities.

With hundreds of cognitive engines, aiWARE lets you process audio, video, and other data sets using over 30 different cognitive capabilities.


A New Approach to AI

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for business, government agencies, and individuals, yet its reach is often exaggerated in Hollywood films and television shows.

Today, AI mimics your own cognitive capabilities in a limited way and lowers the cost and time it takes to gain insights from large datasets. Decades in the future, AI is expected to be able to perform all cognitive functions just as well if not better than humans.

With aiWARE’s broad cognitive engine ecosystem, you can leverage AI across multiple cognitive capabilities together and at scale today to tackle your complex business challenges with quality and accuracy nearing that of a human.

The Three Types of AI

Veritone recognizes the limitations of any single Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) machine learning model in addressing multidimensional, real-world scenarios, which require multiple cognitive processes, the way your brain works. We have implemented an innovative approach to AI, one that allows you to significantly increase the capabilities of today’s ANI technology.

With aiWARE, you can harness hundreds best-of-breed cognitive engines in one ecosystem to perform multiple types of cognition on your data sets and extract actionable insights in one cohesive output using multivariate cognitive search. This enables a depth of analysis and insight not achievable with any one ANI model alone.

This approach, combined with the Veritone Conductor orchestration technology, gives you a more effective way than current AI-based approaches to tackle your day-to-day business problems and future-proof your technology investment on the path to achieving AGI.


Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Also referred to as Weak AI, ANI describes today’s AI landscape, where machine learning models are limited to a single specialized function. In other words, each one knows a lot about a little. ANI comprises individual cognitive engines that produce narrow outputs using specific cognitive functions, such as recognizing a particular object.


Artificial General Intelligence

AGI describes AI that has the capacity to perform the full range of human cognitive functions simultaneously, such a interpreting the presence of both a particular song and animated character together as a commercial for a specific brand. There are two schools of thought on how AGI could be achieved. The first of these is the development of a single machine learning model that can perform the full range of human cognitive capabilities. The second, to employ many specialized models that, when orchestrated, work together to perform complex tasks well, just like a human. True AGI has yet to be achieved and is generally believed to be decades away from practical application.


Artificial Superintelligence

ASI represents AI that has intellectual capabilities that far surpass those of humans in virtually every area -- imagine a mega-mechanical brain with unlimited analytical power. Most researchers predict that ASI will not be achieved for several decades following the achievement of AGI, if ever.