aiWARE: Transform Data into Actionable Intelligence

The world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, Veritone aiWARE, orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of machine learning models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence. With aiWARE, leverage digital workers to save manual review time, gain valuable data insights, and cognitively enrich end-to-end workflows.


AI Helps you do more

From the face identification capabilities of your newest smartphone to the virtual assistant sitting at home on your coffee table, AI technology is performing an increasing range of tasks for us, making us more efficient. Think of artificial intelligence as an extension of your own cognitive abilities – a digital worker that complements whatever you do.

AI performs many of the same, if not more, functions as the human brain — such as recognizing a face or translating speech — using far less time and resources. Put simply, AI augments human capabilities by automatically performing basic or repetitive tasks faster and more scalable than humans, empowering you to spend your time on higher value activities.

Business Challenges Solved by AI:

  • Costly, time-consuming, manual human review of content (text, images, video, audio, data)
  • Excess time spent on low-value, high-effort tasks resulting in lack of focus on more strategic, value-added initiatives
  • Delays in responding to customers and citizens during periods of high demand that stretch resources
  • Business and compliance risk from little visibility into key information trapped in unstructured data sources throughout the organization

AI: Your Digital Assistants

Human In The Loop

Human involvement is required for the process to occur. No digital workers are available to help the human worker become more productive. This is the most inefficient and costly approach to extracting information and insight from content.

Human On The Loop

With aiWARE, digital workers come alongside the human worker to make their job easier, more productive and efficient. The human moves “onto the loop,” reviewing, verifying and using data insights surfaced by digital workers.

Human Out Of The Loop

AI will progress to a point where human involvement is no longer required. Digital workers have become fast, accurate, economical and self-sufficient enough to operate independently, freeing up humans for higher value tasks.

Build Trust In Your AI

As AI plays a larger role in automating business processes, trust and transparency are critical success factors. aiWARE helps build trust in the digital worker through initial and ongoing evaluation of engine performance, and transparency around the factors that impact that performance. For example, we can trust an audio transcription engine based on the performance metrics of accuracy, speed, bias, variance, and vulnerability. We can also understand the factors that influence these success metrics: audio quality, subject matter, speaking speed, accent, gender and age. The result: aiWARE employs only the best digital workers for the job.

Share Insights Across Boundaries

With the aiWARE AI operating system, organizations can share information and insights from their audio, video, text and other data sources across departmental, organizational, and geographic boundaries. For example, key patient data extracted from written medical records, lab test images, and videos can automatically be stored in a patient’s electronic health record. Others in the medical office can access this data for case review, scheduling, and insurance billing purposes. Ongoing treatment of the patient across different medical providers and facilities can be streamlined as those providers seamlessly access and review the patient’s records. aiWARE’s cloud and hybrid architecture scales up and out to wherever content intelligence is needed.

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A computer’s operating system connects a processor, peripherals and applications so they can communicate, working together to display what you see on your screen and respond to your commands. An AI operating system works in a similar fashion. It provides a common software infrastructure that lets you use end-to-end, AI-powered solutions — from data ingestion to intelligent data analysis — in either general or industry-specific applications. With thousands of limited cognitive engines on the market, you need an operating system to manage and orchestrate them all, so you can use them with general or industry-specific applications to solve real-world challenges.

The Benefits of an OS for AI

  • Rapidly develop AI applications to solve business problems
  • No need to manage and orchestrate underlying AI engines
  • Seamlessly leverage multiple AI engines from multiple vendors
  • Mitigate risks of single vendor dependency
  • Flexibility to deploy in the Veritone cloud, your private cloud or on-premise

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The aiWARE AI Operating System

Automate Studio and Developer APIs

IT or citizen developers can quickly and easily create aiWARE-based AI workflows with a low-code designer, or call aiWARE APIs directly, to add content intelligence to existing legacy applications or build their own cloud-native or IoT apps. With Automate Studio’s drag-and-drop, low-code, team-based IDE, it has never been easier to create third party-callable AI workflows that transform content into actionable intelligence. Developers, learn more about Automate Studio or dig into our APIs.

aiWARE Cognitive Engines

aiWARE leverages the combined power of hundreds of best-of-breed AI engines in a single AI platform. It uses machine learning across the AI engine ecosystem to orchestrate and employ the best engines for the job, always producing optimal results.

Veritone and Third Party Apps

Turnkey applications developed on the aiWARE platform, which leverage the right cognitive engines for the task. Develop your own aiWARE native apps or cognitively enrich your existing third party apps, including BPA, RPA, ERP, CRM, and line of business systems, to make your content searchable and shareable for greater business insight

Automate Studio

Business Analysts, Solution Architects and citizen developers can quickly and easily create an AI engine workflow utilizing the Automate Studio low-code AI workflow designer, and call the resulting workflow from their application or business process.

Developer APIs

Software developers can call a rich set of AI HTTP RESTful APIs or GraphQL APIs from their application or workflow to extract valuable information and insight from content.


AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides advanced text analysis that enables systematic functions such as recognizing the emotion behind an author’s words or transforming words into a dialect someone in another region can understand.


Image-processing machine learning algorithms identify, extract details from and segment your pictures and videos, so you can gain insight from your imagery.


When applied to human language, AI locates, captures, identifies and categorizes the spoken word quickly, extracting insights previously hidden in unstructured files.


aiWARE leverages the combined power of hundreds of best-of-breed AI engines in a single AI platform. It uses machine learning across the AI engine ecosystem to orchestrate and employ the best engines for the job, always producing optimal results.


Biometrics analyzes the unique physical identifiers that make people who they are. AI harnesses this technology to detect faces or identify specific people within photographs and video.


Much like the human brain learns to detect and recognize meaningful patterns in sounds, artificial intelligence can capture audio signatures in order to detect future occurrences.

AI Models Supported

aiWARE provides an ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed, ready-to-deploy AI models to automate content processing.

Model Classes:

  • Text
    • Language identification
    • Entity extraction
    • Keyword extraction
    • Text extraction
    • Anomaly detection
    • Translation
    • Content classification
    • Summarization
    • Sentiment analysis
  • Vision
    • Object Detection
    • Logo Detection
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Text Recognition (OCR)
  • Speech
    • Transcription
    • Speaker Detection
    • Speaker Recognition
  • Data
    • Geolocation
    • Correlation
  • Biometric
    • Face Detection
    • Face Recognition
  • Audio
    • Audio fingerprinting

Deploy AI Where You Need It

The Veritone aiWARE platform offers configurable, lightweight architecture that scales up and down for your use cases. Choose from flexible implementation and storage options in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments to meet a wide-range of organizational, security, and technical needs.

Infuse AI into Your Business Processes

Automate Studio: Rapid aiWARE Workflow Creation

Veritone Automate Studio is a low-code workflow designer that empowers technical and business teams to tap into a full stack AI architecture to design and deploy AI-powered business processes at scale in days not months.

Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop UI to easily create advanced business logic on a digital canvas, without the need for in-depth coding skills or AI expertise.

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Automate Studio

aiWARE APIs: Direct Access to the Power of aiWARE

Directly access the suite of aiWARE APIs from your existing application or workflow, to extract valuable information and insight from your content.

Veritone’s aiWARE platform exposes a comprehensive set of GraphQL APIs, as well as a route-based HTTP API for customers who prefer a more RESTful approach. You can mix and match API styles to suit your needs.

In addition to cognitively enriching existing applications and workflows, leverage the aiWARE APIs to build your own custom apps on top of aiWARE. You can also use the aiWARE APIs to build custom AI engines within the aiWARE operating system that complement aiWARE-provided engines. Whatever the need, benefit from aiWARE’s rich set of APIs for maximum flexibility when developing your intelligent automation project.

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  • Entercom programming is being ingested and recorded in real-time by Veritone and is indexed, organized, and analysed to satisfy the rapidly multiplying demands for actionable media intelligence from brands, businesses and advertisers. What changed is the ability for Entercom to rapidly visualize and correlate advertising efficacy in ways previously unavailable.
  • AI has the power to bring unprecedented efficiencies to all aspects of government, including the potential to revolutionize law enforcement today. This collaboration between Veritone and Microsoft on our Azure Government cloud platform enables government customers to tap into the latest innovations in AI as well as future applications.
    Kirk Arthur
    Sr. Director, Worldwide Public Safety & Justice
  • […] we had to find new ways to access our massive archives, turn thousands of hours of footage into searchable content, and accelerate our delivery workflows. Veritone [aiWARE] provides us with an end-to-end solution that allows us to do exactly that — and without major systems revamp or resource requirements on our end.
    Paul Hodges
    Vice President
    San Francisco Giants Productions
  • Veritone is intrinsic to this entire venture, not just for the brilliant MAM capabilities of Veritone Core, but also because we have access to (Veritone) aiWARE. It means we have a powerful toolkit to tap into and build clever AI workflows for managing inbound streams and outputting content with cognitively enriched metadata, which significantly assists in the rapid discovery and monetization of content.
    Ben Foakes
    Managing Director
    BASE Media Cloud
  • By adding aiWARE to our platform, we’re empowering buyers to target ads to consumers based on the content of the episode they’re listening to. Listeners appreciate contextual and relevant ads — and that means they pay more attention to them.
    Lex Friedman
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • As law enforcement agencies are under increasing scrutiny, we welcome more transparency. We want to be able to share relevant videos proactively with the public, particularly those from body cams. To make this happen, we needed sophisticated redaction software. Veritone quickly emerged as the right partner –– its Redact solution checked all of our boxes for security, including CJIS compliance and the stability of Microsoft Azure’s cloud. It’s also saving us taxpayer dollars, resources and time.
    David Jantas
    Chief of Police
    Pemberton Township Police Department