WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Stay on Top of Records Release | Veritone

Save time & money with AI-powered evidence management with audio and video redaction for help with a record release

Law Enforcement Agencies need a way to manage and find key moments in audio, video and document evidence for efficient release to the public they serve. Veritone provides data management and search capabilities to cull through evidence from any source or vendor to seamlessly review and redact for timely release.

If your agency is looking for an integrated records management solution, join us for an educational webinar with our partner Carahsoft, overviewing our transcription, translation, and redaction applications built for Public Safety. We’ll offer expert insight on how to implement this solution into your administrative and records teams while reducing costs and personnel time.

In this webinar, covers:

  • How to manage evidence from multiple sources (in-car, BWC, audio calls, text documents) for quick retrieval
  • Why leveraging AI-powered Redaction software, yields reduced time from request to release
  • Why collaborating across your agency is key to developing a sustainable evidence management program

Join this recorded webinar to stay on top of your evidence management and release process.

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